Insane clown posse No longer leaders of Juggalos????

You might say the blind are no longer leading the blind

“Sometimes we miss, you know?,” says Violent J. “Obviously we thought Tila Tequila would be a good idea.”

“We thought that there’s this hot looking chick that’s going to get up there and sing about…her song was called “I F*cked The DJ.” We were like, ‘that’s gotta work.’ Sometimes we’re wrong on what the Juggalos want. That’s why in no way are Shaggy and myself leaders of the Juggalos, or anything like that.”

Icp is breaking apart as we speak and has now abandoned their loyal followers to save them getting sued for all their money, therefore the new leader of the juggalos/druggalos is buttsecks from .

4 responses to “Insane clown posse No longer leaders of Juggalos????

  1. We don’t have any leaders u dumb fucks

  2. your retarded WE WILL NEVER DIE

  3. Juggalos lead them selves if ya need proof listen to the songs icp says it to be a leader not a follower but i fly that black and i ride fo the 17% gang life or no life my crue has structure best way but thats the only leaderrship this Lo has whoop whoop

  4. MeganTwiztidxlette

    i agree with cowboy z we dont have any leaders ok whoop whoop wicked clown for life stop doing roomers

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