Juggalo Holocaust Bans Icp Gang T-shirts / Handcuffs Juggalo

Juggalo holocaust strikes again this time in Albuquerque.
15 juggalos have been forced to turn their juggalo gang tshirts with icps logo the hatchet man inside out and one juggalo was arrested and put into hand cuffs for trying to fight JH and the LAW.

10 responses to “Juggalo Holocaust Bans Icp Gang T-shirts / Handcuffs Juggalo

  1. Cole the Juggalo Hammond-Johnson

    Suck my dick. I’m hardcore Juggalo. I’m down with the clown till I’m dead in the ground. And believe it or not, I’m smart. I know proper grammar, unlike how you all think they don’t. I get good grades, averaging a 3.5 GPA throughout middle school and high school. I’m a senior at Highland High School in Medina County, Ohio, mother fuckas!!!!! I live in Sharon Township, Ohio. So if any you pussies have the balls to come get me, come fuckin do it, right fuckin now. Much Mother Fuckin Wicked Clown Love Homies! WHOOP WHOOP NINJAS!!!!!!! And fuck all haters. 😀

  2. RichterBelmontLCNM

    Its me… Again. Im from las cruces nm. Nd the thing about this that u guys didnt investigate further is those los were in gangs b4 they decided 2 rep the hatchet. So that is not the juggalos worlds fault. Now i live less than hour away from the mexican border. And i can tell u all that there is not one gang in this region who reps the hatchet. We have a collection of different gangs down here. Im not affilated w a single one. Nd im a proud juggalo raising a juggalo family. Thats my american dream. Thats my freedom. Thats my happiness.

  3. Man, fuck you haters. Saying a Juggalo or lette is bad. WHY don’t you fucking pussy ass bitches come visit me in Brunswick, GA? I’m 22, white, and a married mother of two little juggalettes. My daughters both rock the hatchetman and listen to ICP and their fam. I agree with the first poster. Your little holocaust group is a hater group. Remember bitches, the German Holocaust didn’t exterminate the Jews. So go watch your Christian bullshit and pray at Jesus’s fucking feet for forgiveness you fucktards

  4. If you all are so serious, then why the need for all the “fuck” words and crap-It sounds like YOU are haters-Haters of things NOT down with the clown….now what’s up MF?

  5. juggalos are family were all alike wer the type of people that are mocked for our beliefs. the concerts are like a family reunion to all of us. were hated in skewl and around the world. evryone is different but why bring us into the mainstream bullshit. were underground we show ourselfs to the world so we know whos family not to be the biggest badass around. this world is about music and this isnt gangster rap this is underground many different styles put into one horrorcore style. and for the person that believes we hate evrything not down with the clown u don’t no shit about our family. we hate the things we hate because they dont accept our way of life u will never know how the family helps our lifes. ive been down with the clown only 4 years and the family has shown me so much love noone else in this world has that finally im accepted by someone that doesnt hate me like most the people that see me. so one juggalo pulls something so do people that like other music the thing is were all different but we aint afraid to show it. i got love for all my fam if ur part of it then were homies and ne1 that hates us because of it should be taught not to judge us. were the way we are because of the preps and jocks that judge us and make our lifes hell til one of us snaps and because were family were all blamed. but if your quiet bruther thats held in his anger til he kills someone your family isnt to blame so whoever wants my family gone fuck off were here to stay so keep the hate to yourself unless u want the biggest family in the world to teach you to accept us. to all my juggalo and juggalette family MMFWCL hope to see some of the fam at our next reunion and spread the love straight from the clowns.

  6. Whoop Whoop 605 Juggaloz im down with the clown even when im dead in the ground where i come from everyone thinks were a gang, no were a family WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL

  7. morrigan corbett

    fucking dicks im down with the clown in olympia wa and im sure u fucking come down here my hatches going in your fucking head assholes god damn we arent a gang were family. so whoop whoop the end
    – morrigan

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