Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

New Icp Album Called the mighty death pop

allegedy the new insane clown posse album is called the mighty death pop .

This is a great idea and should be about anger from the perspective of the towns where juggalos are a gang or the anger a woman feels when she has stones thrown at her. the mighty death pop the icp album now causing more violence in the community whoop whoop. JH dont get angry … we get even.

Emo to Juggalo – On Juggalo island

Emo Vs Goth
What does a emo do when they get bullied ???
Become A Juggalo
Become a Juggalo
emo goth juggalo
welcome to juggalo island

Polish Gathering of the Juggalos

polish goth


What a excellent place to start a  European chapter of the  JH ……

Juggalo Island – Icp has the answer

The Latest song for icp is the lovely named juggalo island

What do you get when you combine wiggers, meth and trailer park sluts?

This song features jugglaos performing a wide variety of criminal and drug related actions at the gathering .
Icp is right on one hand put them all on a island and leave them alone for a year as a experiment ….

and for a real song about the gathering check out eshams druggalo the juggalo island diss
hahahah we them scary kids