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Secrets From Behind the Paint

Here are a few facts from the juggalo bible – Behind the Paint by violent j , it is dedicated to a butterfly which insane clown posse killed when they were younger as they forgot to put holes into a jar.

Violent J parent was a janitor performed a more important task then their son.

Violent J Was Sexualy Abused.

Violent Js Mom had a mental break down.

The Bruces received all their clothes from rummage sales, and their food from canned food drives.

The Bruce brothers embraced their poverty, and called themselves “Floobs”, a scrub who was proud of their scrubbiness.

After moving to Oak Park, Joe got a job as a caddy, where he began to hate the rich for their selfish ways whilst earning money from the people who he hated.

Becoming what he once hated.

Joe and Rob used to escape from reality and gather themselves in a forest called Picker Forest. Joe cites a Forest as the beginning of The Dark Carnival which he now calls god , therefore juggaloisim is a wiccan religion of forest worship.

Violent J has homosexual past where recalls walking through a vacant house with a school bully who, while holding a brick in his hand, demanded that Joe give him a blow job.

Joe dropped out of school in eighth grade, and moved in with his friend, Rudy, in River Rouge.

Bruce formed his own gang called Inner City Posse, and they would drive to Birmingham and beat up rich kids on a daily basis. This can now be comprared to the gang he has developed called the juggalos.

The Juggalo gang soon began terrorizing people with Army-issued tear gas and stealing car radios for money. One night, Joe’s mother, who had just moved to Ferndale, had her house attacked by rival gang Hazel Parks.
Lived in a trailer park town just outside of Fort Bragg where his brother was staying.

It was there that Bruce witnessed the open racism and then copied which would later emerge as the hate for bigots referenced in Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics.

At seventeen, Joe returned to Ferndale. He was soon jailed for his juggalo gang activity .

He then formed a music group Inner City Posse, named after their gang.

Joe suffered a panic attack at a performance during the The Great Milenko tour, and in his panic state he cut off his dreadlocks. He later checked himself into a Michigan mental health program for three days.

Burn a Koran Day / Burn a Behind the Paint Day

Both the koran and behind the paint have followers that cause trouble violence is rife with muslims and juggalos.

So to the great pastor Terry Jones throw a behind the paint into the fire while the korans burn.

Juggalos Tortured

These 2 juggalos were caught stealing from fellow juggalos at the gathering of the juggalos and a lot was thrown at them from rocks to piss to feces .


Shane Barnett a victim to society or other causes

Concert-goer’s body found in dry creek bed

LAMB – A Hardin County search party found the body of Raymond Shane Barnett, 30, Indianapolis Thursday in the area of Hillcrest Baptist Camp, on the same road as the Hog Rock Campground, according to Barnett’s mother, Debbie Hanks.

Hanks notified the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department after Barnett had not returned home with his friends after The Gathering of the Juggalo’s music festival ended Sunday.

He was found in a dry creek bed about two miles from the Saline River, Hardin County Coroner Roger Little said. He was sitting in the creek bed and had taken off at least some of his clothes, indicating he might have been trying to cool off, Little said.

“They told me he just laid down and took his shoes off and his shirt off like he was trying to get cooler,” Hanks said.

Barnett had been taken from the festival grounds by ambulance to Hardin County Hospital for treatment of heat exhaustion on 1:42 p.m. Saturday.

Hanks said hospital staff used IVs to rehydrate Barnett, and he was released about two hours later after telling the staff he felt better.

Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner had one of his deputies pick Barnett up at the hospital and return him to the festival where his friends and his ride were, but Barnett never made contact with his friends.

Seiner said the deputy dropped Barnett off at the Hog Rock gate with a security guard with Tenable Security. Hanks understands Barnett did not enter the festival grounds, but instead walked up the road.

“A guy did say yesterday he saw the sheriff drop him off at the gate, then he walked up the road,” Hanks said.

She believes Barnett was in a state of delirium due to heat exhaustion.

Although an autopsy had not been performed by press time, Hardin County Coroner Roger Little indicated it looks as though dehydration and heat may have played a factor in the death. He is not yet sure whether heat is the sole factor.

The autopsy was to take place 1 p.m. Friday at the Vanderburgh County, Ind., morgue.

“The sheriff said he had to tell him four times to buckle his seat belt and he was mumbling to himself under his breath on the ride. That says to me he wasn’t in any shape (to be released from the hospital),” Hanks said.

Illinois State Police are investigating Barnett’s death, Hanks said.

Hanks said it was out of character for Barnett not to have buckled his seat belt when told by the deputy because he was always cautious and compliant when interacting with authority figures.

Barnett indicated at the hospital he had not eaten in three days, Little said.

Barnett was a musician performing in at least three dark metal bands, according to Barnett’s Web site. Hanks said one of his bands was Block-head, based in Indianapolis.

“He had a big heart,” Hanks said.