Secrets From Behind the Paint

Here are a few facts from the juggalo bible – Behind the Paint by violent j , it is dedicated to a butterfly which insane clown posse killed when they were younger as they forgot to put holes into a jar.

Violent J parent was a janitor performed a more important task then their son.

Violent J Was Sexualy Abused.

Violent Js Mom had a mental break down.

The Bruces received all their clothes from rummage sales, and their food from canned food drives.

The Bruce brothers embraced their poverty, and called themselves “Floobs”, a scrub who was proud of their scrubbiness.

After moving to Oak Park, Joe got a job as a caddy, where he began to hate the rich for their selfish ways whilst earning money from the people who he hated.

Becoming what he once hated.

Joe and Rob used to escape from reality and gather themselves in a forest called Picker Forest. Joe cites a Forest as the beginning of The Dark Carnival which he now calls god , therefore juggaloisim is a wiccan religion of forest worship.

Violent J has homosexual past where recalls walking through a vacant house with a school bully who, while holding a brick in his hand, demanded that Joe give him a blow job.

Joe dropped out of school in eighth grade, and moved in with his friend, Rudy, in River Rouge.

Bruce formed his own gang called Inner City Posse, and they would drive to Birmingham and beat up rich kids on a daily basis. This can now be comprared to the gang he has developed called the juggalos.

The Juggalo gang soon began terrorizing people with Army-issued tear gas and stealing car radios for money. One night, Joe’s mother, who had just moved to Ferndale, had her house attacked by rival gang Hazel Parks.
Lived in a trailer park town just outside of Fort Bragg where his brother was staying.

It was there that Bruce witnessed the open racism and then copied which would later emerge as the hate for bigots referenced in Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics.

At seventeen, Joe returned to Ferndale. He was soon jailed for his juggalo gang activity .

He then formed a music group Inner City Posse, named after their gang.

Joe suffered a panic attack at a performance during the The Great Milenko tour, and in his panic state he cut off his dreadlocks. He later checked himself into a Michigan mental health program for three days.

17 responses to “Secrets From Behind the Paint

  1. you know what. you are just straight up lying about the “facts” we are not a fucking gang. there are milions more violent and evil than us. why the juggalos?


  2. Dude this is so bullshit. I’m a Lette and I’m goddamn proud. I DO NOT go around bullying rich people or shoot people or any shit like that none of us do so what the fuck?!?!


  3. i do know my past asshole! they did do terrible things. worst thing i learned about them. and they stopped, and realized the shit wasnt right. inner city posse was a gang. juggalos are not a gang.

  4. Okay people, i consider juggalos to be along the same line as bangers. im a Lo homie and i bang a crew set. Juggalos alone are not a gang. ICP is NOT the best juggalo band because the real Lo’s that are truly down will know that ICP sold out. Madrox, Monoxide, and Boondox know whats up. If your a little puss and you think your a Lo because u listen to a few songs by ICP that you think are funny, then your trippin. A real juggalo will tell you that the Alex kid is a punk poser, and he is not a juggalo by any means. you mainstream wanna bes are not hard and your not juggalos. anyone can tell you those facts. quit aching for violent js nut sack and get real. woop woop.

  5. i swear you little kids arent hard anymore. you are the reason why no one respects juggalos like they should. i would axe you all.

  6. all these fucking haters don’t know what it means to be a juggalo i been a juggalo since the day i was born cause my mother was a lette yes my mom did listen to ICP but she also listened to everyone thats signed with psychopathic records and so do and all these people who say we are a fucking gang is wrong although Inner City Posse was a gang back in the day doesn’t mean that the gang is still going on and i do hate bigots because they think they are better than everyone else and i don’t think im better than anyone… and i’m proud to say i’m a juggalo scrub and while be until the day i die and u aint a true juggalo until u die a juggalo… whoop whoop to all the real juggalos and juggalettes out there

  7. ok for one he said violent jay had a homosexual past b/c he was forced to give a school bully a blow job..he was sexually assulted by another does tht make him a homosexual? and for two juggalos are not a gang, we have nvr been a gang, and we will nvr be a gang. we are also not a wiccan religion b/c a forest is related to god..being a juggalo has no religous requirement. however violent jay and shaggy are christians. i have heard them say this several times in inteviews…and they’re also not the only psycopathic band. so idk y evrybody is so focused on them…..

  8. all you los and lettes who say ppl who listen to a few songs of icp and LIKE them ARE juggalos and are considered family. Anyone who likes the wicKed shit are down with me man… and fuck all of you who go around PISSED at people who aint hard or shit! You CAN make a difference not by going around saying “I’m-a slit your mutha-foka throat!” Arn’t helping the juggalo name! Represent with respect and openess HOMIES!


  9. Yeah bro look iv ben a juggalo all my life and im not going to stop any time soon.if it wasnt for juggalos i wouldnt be alive rite now..what im tryin to say is that im gratefull for all the juggalos who where there for me when i needed them.. Whoop whoop mcl

  10. This website is against juggalos so why are you faggots commenting? and especially about a book when you guys don’t even read

  11. Rev. Ninja Toast

    first off if you would read the book you would know that you’re twisting the facts. your first statement is wrong due to the fact that the butterfly died from too many holes in the lid when they placed in front of the fan. I have read the other fact that you stayed and yes you are correct but you’re twisting the facts. commenting on somebody needs to learn the history you need to read the book and actually do it with an open mind like Jay said

  12. All of these so-called “facts” are taken horribly out of context. Behind the Paint is nothing more than an autobiographical account of Violent J’s life up until age 30 or so. Picker forest was an undeveloped area outside of Detroit that was rumored to be inhabited by Catholic monks. It was never a place where Joe and his group practiced Witchcraft. In fact, o’ fear mongering anti-Juggalo organization, Wicca is a religion of peace. The only commandment of the religion is to do no harm – to others and to the self. Moreover, the stories in the book are quite far-fetched, but I believe Violent J exaggerated events just to tell a story. Being a juggalo is just campy and exaggerated. I used to be a juggalo, but became disillusioned once I realized how irresponsible and clannish some of the fandom were. Back in 2005-2006, certain juggalos in Charlotte, NC started marking over gang territory with graffiti, and the local newspaper interviewed my former friends. Needless to say, the article portrayed my friends in a positive light, but failed to mention the differences between various cliques within the fandom. Juggalos are just fans of the music, first and foremost. However, the group encompasses all walks of life, and some members do start gangs and do bad things, but that is only a drop in the ocean. Not all jocks and preppy kids are wholesome upstanding Americans – some of them bully and do bad things to others. Should we call those bad apples a gang? I don’t that would be appropriate nor realistic. Exercise some rational thought in conjunction with common sense.

  13. Downassmommajuggalette

    Wow. Your process of twisting someone’s words to suit your own cause is amazing. You haven’t the slightest glimmer of an idea of what “juggalo” is. So how can u have such a strong opinion that you feel the need to affiliate yourself with a “holocaust” against it. Now call me silly but I tend to associate that word with none other than Hitler, as would most, I’m sure…but yet it’s the family that terrible. Being a juggalo doesnt mean you participate in criminal activity. It doesnt mean anything negative at all. Quite the opposite, actually…”juggalo” means that even though I have the over-whelming urge to express( in very colorful language)
    just exactly how close-minded and ignorant you so obviously are, to see something so beautiful as my family, as something that should be smothered out like an epidemic, I’m gonna put my breaks on and just say this. Who are you to judge us? A juggalo does not judge until being judged. A juggalo does not discriminate until being discriminated against. A juggalo does not hate until being hated. A juggalo knows that every mutha facko has there own past and set of unique experiences that make up who a person really is. But the difference between my family and all of you involved in this “holocaust” is that we have had the epiphany that truly loving means truly, fully accepting…warts and all. We don’t judge because there is only one judge that matters. And you poor fools haven’t. And i feel sorry for you. My family is love. The rest of the world faces us with hate. So that’s what they get back. It’s human nature to fear what one doesn’t understand. And fear turns to hate. I pity anyone who doesn’t have the ability to think around what they see and get the real message. Yeah, I run with the hatchet…but you shouldn’t fear me.

  14. u dont understand juggalos and like animals if you dont understand something you hate and fear it. that is what started making people ,like my self, who refused to conform to the norm and was pushed aside look for some group where we could be our selves and not be made fun of or looked down on by our peers then when we find that group andare finaly free people like you cant stand it so you try to make it look bad

  15. and for all my brerthren who have commented on this as th holy bible says when they crucified our lord Jesus our lord said “forgive them father for they know not what they do” i ask you to forgive the founders of this site for they know not what they do

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