Chapter #1: The Insane Clown Posse & Juggalo Rappers…

I’m sick of Juggalos. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m a juggalo and always will be. But it’s just the fact of every single Juggalo I meet or talk to always wants to be just like the Insane Clown Pussies!! They all want to be rappers just like everyone else and they always rap about the same thing, over and over and over!! They sit there and claim to be ‘rappers’. They rap about the same thing, death this, kill that and how they’re all ‘outsiders’!! YEAH FUCKING RIGHT! It is basically impossible for these juggalo rappers to write a song about anything else but these few topics, and it just sickens me. I will admit, I used to be just a juggalo rapper with a dream to be a famous rapper…way before anyone else wanted to do the same.

I realised that a majority of juggalo rappers will say the exact samething in almost every song they write and will represent for they’re ‘juggalo family’ and them only. Truth is, that’s all they can think of. I mean, not all juggalo rappers are this way though. I mean, Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung and others. I just get sick of juggalo rappers sticking to ICP’s nuts and that only. Look at my old homie, Brotha Scrub Da Sik aka Brotha Scrub the Bitch…he is super stuck behind these clowns and that’s all he will ever be!! Another old homie of mine, MC Glitch aka MySpace Bitch the Rapist, he’s stuck on Eminem’s nuts like crazy. All these people will never make it anywhere if they stick to one type of style.

Chapter #2: Juggalos In General…

Do you know how humiliating it is to tell someone that your favorite band to listen to is the Insane Clown Posse?? It fucking sucks!! But the one thing I love more than anything in this world that ICP has created for me and my homies…Making fun of Juggalos!! Me and my homies are all Juggalos and Thuggalos alike…but the funnest thing in the world to do is to cruise to the local hang out where you know where all the Juggalos are and just sit there in a car and bump Eminem rolling passed them screaming fuck Juggalos!! It’s fucking hilarious!! I will say this and only say this once to all you Juggalos…

When it comes to the real world, involving the real shit, ICP can’t and will NEVER save you!! Your so-called ‘Juggalo Family’ won’t bail your ass either…cuz they’re too deep in their own shit already!! Their always poor, bumming money off people, claiming to be ‘INSANE” when in reality they just wanna be cool, they wear the same clothes and look disgusting, they hardly ever take showers, and they just are the wrong people to hang out with in general. I hate hanging out with any other Juggalos than the ones I’ve known for years!!

“Juggalos are insane people who can’t do anything!” That’s a lie. I’ve heard this for years. People won’t hire juggalos. They’re considered GANG MEMBERS!! You’d be better off being a Crip or a Blood. At least you get money, hos and respect from them. Now they are really crazy…not this fake ass bull shit called juggalos!! The only reason teenagers and youth become juggalos in the first place is to ‘fit in’. They only do it because certain people think it’s cool.

It’s really not that cool to be homeless, claim to be insane, constanly be dirty and nasty, having people stab you in the back when you say “I like Eminem!”, smoking pot, being lazy and not having a care in the world. Trust me, I lived this life for years before realizing that Juggalos are a bunch of fake people who only care about what other people think. You may think it’s backwards…but in fact, Juggalos care about what people think. That’s why most of them cut themselves, they cry when their so-called friends start beating your ass for talking shit about the so called ‘hatchet’. Fuck. Soon, on YouTube, I will have an interview with a bunch of my homies that I’ve known for years and years about why they think Juggalos suck and why they don’t do that anymore. One of them, Joker, the most gothic juggalo in the state, is now a Hollister wearing preppy boy! He’s still my nigga and I kick it with him…but it’s the fact of it’s not something you actually want.

My girlfriend’s older brother, claims to be a juggalo, he has a new Juggalo at least once a week sleeping on his couch and eating his food for free!! He says “That’s what family do for each other!” NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE! If it came down to it, her brother would beat the fuck and kill anyone who did something tragic to him or his family. I just can’t stand it anymore. It’s bull shit.

Chapter #3: Jugga-Lettes…

Juggalettes…they always look the same to me. Either tweaker ass bitches who would do anything for drugs, or fat ass nasty hos who would fuck anyone for no reason!! They always get pregnant some way or another and get pissed off and cry when someone says they hate them. Truth is, no female looks hot in facepaint!! It’s just not healthy!!

That’s it on this guide for now…will be posting up more here in the next few weeks!!

Have a nice gangsta filled day…LOL!

Your homie,
– Jim

16 responses to “Jims GUIDE TO JUGGALOS

  1. Listen u claim ur a lo and that is down right bullshit. ive been a lette now for 7 yrs now almost 8 and i will always have my FAMILYS back. i know juggalos that have mine. oh and ur comment about lettes wtf is up wit that muthafucka do u think u know us all. the thing about bein a juggalo/lette is bein urself. and they all say they represent the juggalo family becuz they do. if it wasnt for us do u think they would b here.no idts.
    CKZ-17 FO LIFE

  2. Ok. Maybe you should watch my video on my YouTube account too talking about you people. Juggalos are nothing but trouble and trust me, they’re not worth it. You all claim to be a ‘family’ and to have each other’s back but in reality when it really came down to it, everyone who you thought was there would eventually begin to fade away. Trust me. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. Juggalos are nothing but worthless saps of sperm who should have never been allowed to be conseived. And yes, Juggalos are gangmembers. So you saying your a “Lette” means that you are a gang member…how awesome is that? You say you like to be a Juggalette now, now what happens in like 10-15 years, you have a family, you need to get a job or else your family will be living on the streets, you go and apply for a job but OH YEAH you forgot that once the cops register you as a Juggalo/Lette in the court systems, when they background check you, your a gang member and no one wants that. So watch your mouth little girl. Peace and FUCK JUGGALOS!!!

    Keep It KhaotiK

    – KhaotiK


  3. Ok, heres my input. not all juggalos are the same. and your COMPLETELY WRONG about being put in the books as a lo and being classified as a gang member. Im in the national guard. I make 1,300 dollars a month from the NG alone. plus i work. i have a hatchet man tat on my hand, i claim juggalo status, and i wear the cloths. Im not classified as a gang member. and iv never been registered as one in the court systems. I needed a background check for the NG and it was completely clean and clear, and iv been a juggalo for over 10 years and have had my tats for 5. The juggalos your talking about that say they r all insane and will kill sumone…yea i agree, they fuckin suck cuz they’re all liers and crave attention. and the nazi shit just pisses me off, we r supposed to hate biggotry not condone it. Im a jugglao because when i was younger i was confused and depressed. when i listened to ICP i was able to read inbetween the lines, and by the time the wraith came out i had already known what was outright said on the last track….GOD IS OUT THERE! MAY WE ALL FIND HIM!….yea alot of juggalos are mooches and i would never give one a place to stay for ever….but if he was a friend id help him out unless he showed no signs of improvement. and also i have no hopes of being a rapper. id rather be a computer programmer, and im already half way there with my military MOS. and i know a few lettes who are clean and only smoke weed and rnt fat at all…..actually they r pretty damn hott. so i think what you mean is peace and FUCK JUGGAHOES………..if not then FUCK YOU! YOU FAGGOT ASS BITCH, GO GET KILLED BY ONE OF THEM “INSANE” JUGGAHOES WHO CRAVE ATTENTION!

    • good shit man im a juggalo and a fuck up but im still in school and trying to get a job you are a “role model” for all juggalos

  4. The legit khaotik posted above and had no problems
    nice try fake

  5. This is the legit Khaotik. You can hit me up on my any of those pages and I’ll tell you the same thing. Take this shit down or be sued. I’m not playing anymore. This is the the same Khaotik who posted that comment earlier. Look at the I.P. address. Call me a fake? HA. You guys are wrong. Take it down!! Not playing!

    – KhaotiK


  6. And fakeallo…

    The real Ninja Bert’s up in this bitch to tell you that this “Khaotik” kid is straight bitch…

    He can’t even stand ground with my homegirl Ashley…

    That some big talk “Monthly Flo”…

    As for you bullshit about juggalo rappers only talkin’ about killin’, and whatever… Go listen to the new track “Khaotik”, titled “Land of the Fee”…
    Unlike you I don’t try to rap about being a fake ass G. I rap about what I see, if I happen to have track about killing, it’s because I’ve see it. What about you “Khaotik”, have you really seen or done any of the shit that you claim in you music..?

    Bitch what..?
    ~Ninja Bert
    Aka – Bertimus Merculies Prime

    Do somethin’ sucka!!!
    I’m out this piece I got better shit to do with my life the fuck with you haters. Imma stick to the grind and Imma get mine… So fuck of and get out the way or you ass is gettin run over like a tank today

  7. hey dude fuck you man! They rap about EVERYTHING! from fucking your MAMA to singing about the mericals and fucking Magnets! hahaha dude… it’s just a freakin song STOP taking it so literetly man…

  8. u really are very confused,ive been a juggalo for 12years sinse i was 12years old all ive experienced is respect coz i give respect.I well pitty u bruv obviously u aint ever had no love m8.wot makes u think yer so fuc*in cool and better than the rest of us,really your just the same as the pple yer dissing.U think yer so alternative ooooh look at me im an original juggalo u faggot,why wud u ever call yerself a juggalo its all about exceptence.U obviously dont know wot yer chatting about.saying were all fake,nah m8 yer very mistaken i aint a thug coz im a juggalo.There is a lot of pple claiming 2 b thugs,I really am the real thing.Been doing this b4 I listened to icp.I aint a psycho but i can fight trust me,where i live this thug shit is normal,aint for show this is my way of life.That shit u said bout juggalos not washing i wash everyday so does all my lads,we all got our own places,and never need to borrow cash I make my own.Yer obviously a coward u say u drive up 2 juggalos shout sum shit and drive off b4 theres any conflict ha ha bitches like u make me laugh.Why talk like yer a gangsta wen blaintantly u aint,just another kno*head, trying 2 b cool.Yer a joke bruv GROW UP,get out the house,stop being the very thing u hate,its pathetic.If u ever cum 2 england dont act the way u do on ere thats how u get fuc*ed up bitch.Il b praying that sum day il meet u.then il show u a real thug.MCL to all my real juggalos out there.just remember be yerself innit,dont be fake yer either a thug or u aint it dont matter.


  9. TWAT

  10. obviously u dont know sh*t m8,have u ever been 2 england bruv,or ru the kind of retard that actually thinks we talk posh like yer T.V PROGRAMMES SUGGEST,IDIOT.uve well made my day m8 im having a rite laugh wiv my lads.guna be laughing bout this all day innit


  11. If u cant understand wot ive written bruv, then like I said IDIOT.Is that the only thing u can have a pop about is the way I talk.Coz u know everything I wrote b4 is TRUE.have a nice day………. [innit bruv]

  12. you aint shit but a bitch fuckin juffalo faggot i fuckin hate dumb bitch ass fools like you complainin about the shit you claimt to love like your the shit bitch fuck you you aint worth anymore fuckin typing. MUCH CLOWN LOVE to all my down ass juggalos n lettes WHOOP WHOOP fuck haterz

  13. I’m amused at the amount of attention this has grabbed over the years.

  14. You weak minded lil dick in the booty ass pedophile michael jackson lookin muthafucker. U’s a joke nigga talkin bout u a lo but you gonna talk all this shit on us u ain’t nothin but a punk ass wannabe baby back bitch made poser so do us all a favor and tie a rope around ya dick and jump frome a tree ya fkg homo and oh yeah FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!

  15. A lot of juggalos will immediately jump all over the fact that they are all “fam” but the true fact is is that there are the real juggalo gangs out beating up non-violent juggalos because they aren’t real enough. That doesn’t sound much like family to me, not even neighborly. There are also reports of burning Indian reservations as a means of initiation which also doesn’t seem to promote the good values juggalos claim lies in their violent lyrics. I really am sick of hearing stupid people act righteous about the “movement” because many still have issue spelling. Also, they need to stop bringing scrawny drugged out white kids on stage to rap about murder, it’s not scary, it’s honestly kind of funny. And as far as the women go, I am lucky enough to be dating someone who is perfectly clean and is actually considerably hotter than the juggalonews.com lette of the month. Other than that I think the author hit it spot on.

    Why is it that juggalos encourage drug use, violence, and under achievement? There is a reason I’m not a juggalo, and aside from the fact that I’m in college, I don’t think I’m eligible just because I have a drive to succeed in life which appears to be missing from almost all juggalos. Don’t call me a bigot or anything, I’m not, believe it or not I’ve spent a lot of time listening to music, listening to my reformed lette girlfriend, and actually going and what I have discovered is is that they are exactly what the mainstream thinks they are.

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