Juggalos banned and butthurt in mall

see previous post  about why they would get kicked out of a mall

maybe he kicked u out cuz u a grown lookin man wit his face painted like a 5yo. its so obvius when i see dudes like u at the mall every day u guys only go up there painted up for attention.

3 responses to “Juggalos banned and butthurt in mall

  1. But do you hate juggalos so much that you think they deserve to die? Do you realize that some of these so called Juggalo Holocaust people are shooting and killing juggalos? Over the music they listen to? Why can’t you just live and let live, as cliche as that sounds. True hate only comes out of true love.

  2. Really. Grow up. I’ve been a juggalo for over ten years and I only paint my face on Halloween. Stupid Fucks. Its way of thinking not style. You talk like you talk of bigotry.

  3. LOL boogeyman stories. There is no one from the JH who is killing anyone. No one has any facts or proof since it never happened

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