Most Disgusting Juggalos ever – Nazi Bigot Juggalos

Nothing Surprises me anymore regarding juggalos but this one did make me raise a eyebrow .

Check out the most disgusting Juggalos ever they are from huntsvile texas and are a group of nazi juggalos.

One of them calls the other one Violent Hitler (a pun on violent J and hitler – his two idols ) and they even make up their own hand signs saying sieg heil sieg Whoop – From the nazi salute and the juggalo call out WHOOP WHOOP.
Also when asked to what is a juggalo listen to his response – a white power solider …. .

5 responses to “Most Disgusting Juggalos ever – Nazi Bigot Juggalos

  1. You guys are a shame to all juggalos , true fam hates your kind.

  2. RichterBelmontLCNM

    4 real man. Wut tha fuk they thinkin? R they thinkin at all? Where raised nazi then started 2 like icp? Or visa versa? Thats like mixin football nd golf. May seem like a good idea 2 a small few. But not a good idea. U would have Palomalu breaking the back of Tiger woods nd thats not ganna fly.

  3. Seig whoop, thats bloody hilarious. I have to remember that one

  4. Juggalo_nightmare

    Man these nazi douche fucks gives the family a bad name! Fuck hitler and that white red neck power bullshit! We need rascist fuck’s to be beaten the fuck down and put out of the family!

  5. Demon Juggalo 4 life

    hell yea people like that give the juggalo’s a bad fucking name

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