What is a Juggalo?


Lyrics – Icp What is a Juggalo

(vocal ad lib)What is a juggalo? Lemme think for a second. (well? )

Oh, he gets butt naked.And then he walks through the street winkin’ at freaks,Wit a two-liter stuck in his butt-cheeks! (person with problems who enjoys buttsecks and sexual harasment )

What is a juggalo? He drinks like a fish,And then he starts huggin’ people like a drunk bitch . (alcoholic and drug abuser)

Next thing he’s pickin’ fights with his best friends,Then he starts with the huggin’ again, (fights with people for no reason)

What is a juggalo? A fuckin’ lunatic.

What is a juggalo? A dead body.Well he ain’t really dead, but he ain’t like anybody That you’ve ever met before. (JH)

What is a juggalo? He’ll walk through to the hills and beat down a rich boy. (gets in fights because they cant work)

What is a juggalo? He’s a graduate.He graduated from……well,At least he’s got a job, he’s not a dumb putz,He works for himself scratchin’ his nuts, ha! (At least icp is honest juggalos are stupid and dont have jobs)

What is a juggalo? A hulkamaniac.He powerbombs mutha fuckas into thumbtacks. (disrespecting hulk hogan by association)

People like him till they find out he’s unstable. (Juggalos need medication)

He sabued ya mama through a coffee table.(will attack innocent women)

What is a juggalo?

So there you have it from the mouth of icp , What is a juggalo ? A mentally challenge hater whos gang beats up rich people , cannot work and cannot pass school needs medication and will beat up innocent women.

Thanks Icp for doing work of the Juggalo holocaust for us.


8 responses to “What is a Juggalo?

  1. listen. All you guys are doing is taking every single bad thing that happens and putting so much emphasis on that. what you dont get is that most of the juggalos didnt have anything until something came along that we could relate to. you can think however you want. but you know what, youre just wrong.

  2. Yall fucking idiots. Yall wanna talk yalls shit, you need to know a true juggalo, we will beat the fuck out of all yall… Who Wants some?!?!

  3. I wear my hachet and im pround … PUSSIES

  4. negitive 2 whoops for this.. its like they’ve never heard “pass me by” “wondering why” “your the reason why” “kept grindin” theres more to name but all there songs have a deeper meaning then what everone else seems to hear fellow juggalos know what i mean like “lets go all the way” reminds me of the gathering

  5. So does JH even bother to listen to any of the other songs that hold more meaning than this?
    It seems like they just skim the surface, assume shit that isnt even there, and then post 3 paragraphs of contradicting bullshit.
    They call Juggalos and Lettes ‘stupid’ but they can’t spell anything correctly.
    Maybe they should turn the mirror around on themselves.
    No one is perfect. I dont see how they can hold themselves up on that high-ass pedestal of theirs when they’re not only raping and molesting out Lettes, but going so far as to murder us for doing nothing.
    They paid money, bought our merch, and stalked us to the Gathering.
    If anything, JH are a bunch of hypocritical Creepers.
    I wish someone had thrown a bottle back at those motherfuckers, because this shit is getting way out of hand.

    Last but not least…WHOOP WHOOP!

  6. Yup, what you say is true. The brain washed mind frame that you carry that people need to be “normal” and have “jobs” and be this “person” you think people should be is generated by society. The negativity you ignorantly hold towards us Juggalos just feeds us and proves our point. From our perspective your the fool, being pulled by his strings as American society continues to brainwash you so that you can feed into its power. you called it out right? So know what you gonna do about it? Nothing…….not all Juggalos are how you describe them. Ever stop to think that people arent perfect and that maybe some Juggalos have problems. Since your so perfect and have such a good heart why don’t you start helping people? Nazi Juggalos hahaha your pathetic. Catholics molest little boys right? A few messed up people molest some kids so I guess that means all Catholics are child molesters huh? Just keep drinking bud light and watching nascar you puppet. WHOOP WHOOP

  7. okay so obviously these mutha fuckas need 2 learn some more about Juggalos. i may not be a lette myself but im sure as fuck down with the clown. if you listen deeper into the music then you can see more of what its about. but these JH dumb asses are to fuckin closed minded to see anything passed there own damn opinions. so im gettin the fuck off this stupid ass site.


  8. hold on here people! You see those lyrics, you’ve read them you’ve listened to them but…. IFY…. It’s suppost to be a funny song! not really what we are! haha laugh at it! hahahaha freakin JH idiots….

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