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Juggalo Clownz Forum http://juggaloclownz.the-up.com/


this dude who looks like a puppy dog has decided to spam his forum link and got upset so i will give his forum a free promo


Has a lovely picture of Dark lotus in gray with red text so you cant see anything.

Juggalo Clownz has about 2 active members that bitch about the juggalo holocaust.

This is what he belives a juggalo is

Ok, a Juggalo is a person who considers them selves in the sub culture of the band ICP. A Juggalo is more than just a sub culture it’s more a way of life. Most view Juggalos as violent, and foul mouthed, some see them as thugs and gang bangers. Juggalos are none of the above over all we may use a lot of swearing and may talk weird and may talk violent but most of us aren’t violent. (Tila Tequila Incident , Other juggalo murders)

Some see us as Devil worshipers but if you really listen to the music there are hidden messages. Basically what we listen to talks about being rid of Racism (nazi juggalos , united juggalo nazi front – UNJF ) Beating women and stuff like that. Juggalos Believe in treating everyone equally doesn’t matter if you’re gay,(slow your roll supavillianz) purple blue or green, what your religion, is doesn’t matter who your favorite band is. Doesn’t matter if your rich (floobs , kill the rich , icp gang robbing rich kids ) or poor everyone is equal. You are who you are. If you don’t like the music or don’t like faygo we don’t care if you are feeling this world is being run wrong and you think everyone is equal you may consider your self a Juggalo. ( another contridiction they treat everyone equal except for racists and woman beaters and other sub groups)

so enjoy the Juggalo Clownz Forum http://juggaloclownz.the-up.com/ but if you get bored from lack of posting , or eyes hurting with red on gray backgrounds visit planet lotb for a real world juggalo view. http://planet-lotb.com

Juggalo holocaust Cartoon

exclusive from lotb forums is the first ever Juggalo holocaust cartoon/comic

JUGGALO HITLER – another nazi juggalo

check out this juggalos myspace…..


31 years old
TUCSON, Arizona
United States

About me:
Ima juggalo til I die. Fucc all who aint with me, cuz ima be the new Juggalo HITLER. I am goint to take over this world with the same froce that HITLER had. So all who aint down with the clown fear me for I am the HITLER of the JUGGALO community
Who I’d like to meet:
Hitler!! And well all of the people who aint down with me becuz I would like to piss in your face and put you in the gas chamber too.

Another nazi juggalo – what the hell is going on with your juggalo family

Boondox Promotes punch a juggalo day

Boondox has caught wind on punch a juggalo day and now tries to twist it as his idea  , thanks for the promotion David Hutto.

There should be a national “punch somebody in the face day”, and anyone that gets offended or cries about it gets a $1000 fine.

If this day ever goes down, please feel free to punch me in the face. Im punching you back, but Im not gonna cry about it.

Punch Someone in the Face Day is not 2 promote violence or any hate. Its a day 2 knock any bit of bitch out of u that u may aquire.

1 punch per person. Also as not 2 cause being over punched, there will be stickers like on voting day that say “Ive been punched have you?”

Oh, & men can’t punch women. But women also cant punch men. If u r under 14 u can’t be punched but from ages 12 to 14 u can be schin kicked

Im geeked that so many of u r feeling punch someone in the face day. Again, its just 2 knock that little bit o bitch out that may accumulate

Boondox a avid member of the planet-lotb.com forums.