Boondox Promotes punch a juggalo day

Boondox has caught wind on punch a juggalo day and now tries to twist it as his idea  , thanks for the promotion David Hutto.

There should be a national “punch somebody in the face day”, and anyone that gets offended or cries about it gets a $1000 fine.

If this day ever goes down, please feel free to punch me in the face. Im punching you back, but Im not gonna cry about it.

Punch Someone in the Face Day is not 2 promote violence or any hate. Its a day 2 knock any bit of bitch out of u that u may aquire.

1 punch per person. Also as not 2 cause being over punched, there will be stickers like on voting day that say “Ive been punched have you?”

Oh, & men can’t punch women. But women also cant punch men. If u r under 14 u can’t be punched but from ages 12 to 14 u can be schin kicked

Im geeked that so many of u r feeling punch someone in the face day. Again, its just 2 knock that little bit o bitch out that may accumulate

Boondox a avid member of the forums.

One response to “Boondox Promotes punch a juggalo day

  1. wow…. kick 12 – 14 year olds? really? child abusing? why the fuck would you wanna harm a child for something he likes and you dont?

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