JHuggalos a new breed of juggalos

welcome to the JHuggalos a new sub group of juggalos .


2 responses to “JHuggalos a new breed of juggalos

  1. See proof that the JH were just a bunch of dweebs Who alwayz wanted to call themselvez Juggalos lol Y not call your selves Buffaloz Just another group of scared little faggot bitches refer to I shot a hater in the head By ICP Twizted and 3-6

  2. wait what? hold-hold on man did i read that correctly *reads it again*
    “JHuggalos a new breed of juggalos”
    …… wtf?! dont your guys in JH HATE juggalos and lettes with a freakin passion or are you retards just hipacrates?? (sorry if i didnt spell that right xP)

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