New Juggalo video Game – Legend of the Dark Carnival LOTDC

Whuddup Ninja(s)! Just wanted to let you know about a new RPG game for Juggalos and Juggalettes called Legend of the Dark Carnival. No downloads or fees. The only requirement is Firefox and a valid email address. Give it a try, maybe you’ll like it enough to give it a shout out on your website 😉

involves Joining a gang ,funny weapons  growing drugs , robbing banks and to top it off Slay The FCC – juggalos

Jhuggalos – A new era of juggalos

3 responses to “New Juggalo video Game – Legend of the Dark Carnival LOTDC

  1. Ya be named jh so ya can use are name juggalos u bitch muthu fukus if I could legally kill ya all would be the ones and if the world come to end soon I’ll be helpin ya out by extermination means ya won’t have to shit on your welds when the carnival comes. Here’s something too all haters go to a group of juggalos and say u anti Juggalo see what happens or say Ur a bitch from jh then see how much longer ur standing and here’s a fact we we we we don’t die u can take out one but all you’d be fuckin stupid to even think about

  2. You really should learn grammar Mr. Tarver. Especially if your gonna rip on us Juggalos. Honestly besides all the hate for them, you sound like a Juggalo. So quit hatin yourself

  3. So whats good with lotdc

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