Juggalo Robs Gas Station

nice job juggalo

Jhuggalos unite to end this juggalo problem

One response to “Juggalo Robs Gas Station

  1. Your a silly fuckbag. You take anything and you can find a violent disturbing nature behind it. Take metal for example, often associated with satanism, bloody barbaric nature and a high consumption of alcohol and drugs. Or take catholasism, more often than not it is reffered to as a money hungry organisation full of paedophiles. Also they started mass wars!! You are a fool for saying that icp promote violence, they sing songs to escape the violent oppressive qualities that surround us in society. People that think you must dress and look a certain way to be ‘Normal’!? Well, what the fuck is normal. I can tell you that everybody from me, you, the holiest man or woman, to a new born baby have it in them, already, to commit to violence. I am a juggalo, however, I do not go around fucking every girl I see and try to belittle their rights as women and human beings. I do not go around beating people just cause i think its funny, or they dislike me for whatever reason they deem fit. I am proud to call myself a juggalo and feel that you have missed the point of being a juggalo and running with the hatchet. It wouldnt surprise me if you too were a person who cant see past the exterior of another person and realise that to some people looking scary and fucked up is enough to defend you and those that matter to you. I would like to hear from you, and i do hope I have opened your mind? If not then nevermind ey 🙂 MMWFCL!
    Peace pal x

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