2skare vs Juggalos


whoop whoop to our Jhuggalo brother in arms.

13 responses to “2skare vs Juggalos

  1. 2Skare is fucking Juggalo HOLOCAUST MEMBER FUCK JUGGALOS

  2. fuck u wannabe juggalo…….. with ur cap gun…..ur lucky i dont see u on the street! u wouldnt have a chance! if i ever catch any of u bitches around my juggalette i cut ur fuckin neck with my fuckin hatchet!!!

  3. why you mad bro, lose a cheese burger or somethin?

  4. You juggalos need to relax 2 Skare is down with the JH til dead in the ground.

  5. fucK that bitcKh ass nigga 2 scary. he knows what it is SOS shoot on sight.

  6. and another thing, dont fuckin say whoop whoop to to this bitch, if you aint Lo then dont fuckin say it thats are shit, get creative and come up with somethin of your own, like a better name i mean come on at least juggalo is a word you can pronounce but you throw a H after the J and now your J.Huggalos lol, i thought yall were tryna be hard sounds like you guys are tryna give us a reach around lmao

  7. I know 2skare he is a member of my site he is not a member of the fucking JH.So instead of posting fake shit and trying to make people hate on other juggalos you should try and find real members of the JH.But it must be because there is no members of the JH.This is a fake ass site,With fake ass members.

  8. juggalos are the shit i love them they are my family and y are hell people starting shit whit juggalos more and more people now the cops are calling it a gang the cops r cracking done now

  9. fuk u fat bitch i would shove tht fukin gun up ur ass

  10. you think you’re cool with that gun and your percings and your cigg?? FUCK no! Loser 2Skare has gears of war on his PC…. how sad needs to get a freakin REAL gaming system hahaha

  11. lmao

  12. hahahahahahahaha, look at dis fatass pussy punk bitch, wit ya airsoft pee shooter, bruh come see me ill empty sum ak shells in ya punk ass, wickedclowns nevr die, all yall haters do is tlk tlktlk tlk, bust a mve pussy bitch i kill u an family of urs. hve nice day.

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