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Esham – Fillmore Massacre (ICP Diss)

Esham disses ICP and juggalos on his latest Bomb Ass Podcast.

As you know, Hallowicked is being held at the Fillmore.



Happy punch a Juggalo day – juggalo Halloween / hallowicked

its every jhs fave holiday and every juggalos nightmare – hallowicked aka punch a juggalo day , a holiday celebrated every october 31st .
this year we will show you clowns who the real scary kids are

Whoop whoop to all clowns on halloween

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Vanilla Ice’s Top Five Rappers Didn’t Include Insane Clown Posse or juggalos

Vanilla Ice’s five favorite rappers as a billboard article = he has named

Lil Wayne
Public Enemy

If rappers on icps record label dont acknowledge any juggalo or insane clown artists then how can juggalos claim icp are any good.

well done vanilla ice your juggalo holocaust badge is in the mail.


Fake Juggalo Police officer threatens site

Juggalo idiots – did you know pretending to be a police officer is a crime ????


Hey, I am JH a big fucking faggot.. Look I ain’t no juggalo not even a juggalette But I know a few, who are very nice, never hurt a fly… They ain’t in no fucking gang, last time I checked they are a family when did the term gang stood for family.. If they are a gang what the fuck ever GANG NON VIOLENT TYPE! I used to hate Insane clown posse, the BIGGEST FUCKING HATER OF THEIRS OUT THERE! Not no more, I found the REAL TRUTH OF THEIR MEANING AND THEIR MUSIC! want the real truth of theirs come message me

a few mintues later from the same ip address….
a fake name from a fake website appears

AJ Pape

I was sent a few reports of your site, and we do not take kindly to threats. I heard about Juggalos and I am a gang-related police officer for 10 years.(NO ONE IS A GANG RELATED OFFICER YOU FUCKING IDIOT YOU DONT RESEARCH OUTSIDE OF ICP) I never believed for a second that a Juggalo or Juggalette is harmful I met a few and I have been researching them to see if they are truly a gang (HES RESARCHING JUGGALO GANGS BUT THEY NEVER HURT ANYONE) , In fort wayne,IN we do not ban them without research and so far I never found any form of gang in anything, Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics terms no form of gang but just crew, and family. I have listened to a song from another artist of Psychopathic Records/ Hatchet house called “Gang Related” not showing any form of violent gangs. I have seen that they were in a gang, they all live in D-town, do you think that they will not mention it? We have not seen anything in our town that screams Insane Clown Posse is telling their family to kill someone this includes all towns. On the other side, the reason I am in this site, we have evidence that claimed Juggalos have been paid or is framing juggalos to make them look bad,(NO ONE PAYS JUGGALOS TO MAKE THEM LOOK BAD) all points to sites like this one, and another major site “jeff nipples” is responsible for murders and claiming to be juggalos while doing it. I will report your site to internet authorities.



Juggalo Websites we removed

heres a small list of juggalo websites we have had the pleasure of dealing with

Muthafacko dot com
Bizzare Ninjas dot com
For Juggalos By Juggalos dot net
FaYgoLuVeRs dot com
Juggalo Productions dot com
Three Ring Circus dot com
Psychopathic News Hotline of Florida
ICP Merch Traders dot com
Church of the Dark Carnival dot com
Psychopathic Realm dot com
Wicked Carnies dot net
The Amazing Maze dot com
ICP-Rules dot com of Europe
Street Ninjas International Hockey Team
Wicked Voodoo Masters of Austin, Texas
Juggalo Worlds dot com
L’il Poot’s Asylum
Super Juggalos dot com
Dot com
1 o 8 Dragon in Ninja Family
Twiztid Thoughts hotline of Salt Lake
Juggalo Tats of New Hampshire
Juggalo Date Hotline National
Dot com
Mostasteless Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Mafia dot com
Twiztid Tattoos
Real Juggalos dot com
In New Hampshire
Psychopathic Juggalo City dot com (minus)
Blaze Ya Dead Zombie dot com
Arizona Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Nation dot com
The Seventh dot com
Juggalo Planet dot com
Born for Juggalos
Dead Pumkins dot net
Dot com
I-C-P dot D-E of Germany
Hatchet Man Basketball Team
Real Rydaz dot com
Twiztid Chicks dot com
Orange County Juggal Crew
Juggalo dot D-E of Europe
Faygo Revolution
The Insane Domain dot net
Dot net
Twiztid Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Asylum
Sixth Jokers Card dot com
Wicked Tent dot net
The Sixth dot com
Kentucky Juggalos
True Juggalo dot net
I-C-P Tabs dot com
Juggalo Kings
I-C-P House dot com
Wings and Things
Georgia Juggalos Network Hotline
Magic Ninjas Bowling Team
Insane Clown House dot com
Juggalo Pizza at Rhode Island
Dark Carnival dot com
Twiztid’s Weed dot com
Freek Show dot com
Funhouse dot com
Denver Juggalos dot com
Twiztid Reality dot com
I-C-P Never Die dot com
Twiztid Juggalos Hotline of Miluakee
Hotline of Dallas
Crazed Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Twiztid Revolution
Harsgrove Juggalo Graffiti Team
Dot com
Bizzar Bizaar
Florida Juggalos
Dot Com
Twiztid Clowns dot com
Juggalos R Us
Real Juggalos from the Lou hotline
Dark Carnival
Juggalo Extreme Wrestling
Tattoos and peircings
Twiztid Juggalo Funhouse dot com
Wicked Realm dot com
Blaze Ya Dead Juggalo
Carnival Curtains dot com
Dot com
We Are Juggalo Paintball dot com
Realm of Psychopathic dot com
Are we Lotus
Insane Funhouse dot com
fockin’…feminem dot com
Juggalo Union dot com
Ghetto Zone
Dog Beats dot com
Dot com
Psychopathic Genius
Dot com
I-C-P Insane Championship Pool
Dot net
Canadian Juggalos dot com
Dot com, huh?
Shangri-La dot com
Twiztid’s Fun Phone Hotline of Kansas City
Juggalo Nation
Juggalos-4 life dot com
Dot com (Psychopathic)
Dark Carnival Coffee House in Seattle (What the..)
D-C-J-S Juggalos dot com
Sik Clown’s Ju…damn my bad
Psychopathic Traders dot com
Juggalo Nation of San Francisco Bay
Juggalo Night at Oscars in Houston
L’il Poot’s Stash dot com
Dot com
The Brooklyn Juggalo Militia
The Juggalo Body Peircing of Ocean Mesquite
L Beyonced Juggalos dot com
Sick Clowns Dark Carnival dot com
Juggalo Thongs and Bongs in Birmingham
Detroit Psychopathics Dot Com
Sick Psychopathic Hotline of Detroit
Juggalo Go Around dot com
Shaggy 2 Dope dot com
Half Dozen Psychos Tattoos of British Columbia
Killer Funhouse (Dot What) dot com
Dot net
Dark Clown Landscapin’
Get you mowin’ on
Park Slow Ninjas dot com
Dot com
Twiztid Slim dot com
Dot org
Official Psychopathic Hockey team
Juggalo Power
Chigga chigga dot com

punch a jhuggalo day??

looks like juggalos are starting up a anti punch a juggalo day march for halloween.


The Amazing Jeckel Brothers promote holocausts

the amount of juggalos ranting against the word holocaust when icp used it to promote a album makes juggalos look even more stupid.

His evil influence flows from the city streets like red molten ooze, filling every alley and gutter. There are those who are burnt by it, like the charred remains of a napalm strike. He moves in silence, yet with his heat comes ear-shattering screams as the masses are scorched in his choking smoke of corruption. His fire consumes like a lethal injection flowing through the veins of a dying convict. Hosts of small red ants crawl in the wake of his presence, biting and stinging flesh. His holocaust fills the woods of hope and prosperity like a wave of hungry piranhas on a newborn lamb. He goes by many names, but for now let it be spoken like the force of a fireball bursting into a crowd. He’s Jack, pure and simple… Jack Jeckel.

His glow of compassion kindles the heart, like a campfire on a cold winter’s eve. His embers burn eternally, spreading the flame of mercy like a warm blanket over the shoulders of a vagabond. His kindness is fueled by sympathy for human suffering, but his inferno of righteous cause, incinerates creatures of sin to ash. The torch of his salvation guides wanderers in the dark abyss to freedom. Its flaring sparks float on the winds of change, like soaring birds recently freed from a dreary cage. Laughter explodes forth from the essence of his being, radiating the land with childish joy. He has many names, but for now let it be spoken like melodic music drifting through the air. He’s Jake, true indeed… Jake Jeckel.

Emerging from the Dark Carnival like phantom smoke drifting into the minds of men, they are the Amazing Jeckel Brothers. A chaotic duo of juggling masters, Jack “the sinister” and Jake “the just” juggle the sins of mortal men. The price of admission to their show is a mere human soul.

When death creeps around and life decays, the departed spirit will begin its journey. A vision of a candle will begin to form like a distant dream with billowing smoke rising from its eternal flame. In this thick haze the deceased will begin to see an image of Jake and Jack Jeckel juggling red balls between themselves. Each ball soaked in fresh blood and pulsating like an erratic living heart. For every sin committed in a mortal’s life another ball is added to their unearthly performance and the harder it becomes. The deceased will witness sinister Jack throwing Jake curves in a vile attempt to see a ball drop. For if they should fumble in their act, a pit of infinite evil shall open beneath the feet of the viewer and cast the soul into an eternity of pain and suffering. Success on the other hand, opens the gates of Shangri-La and grants one ascension into pure enlightenment and peace.

Jack and Jake Jeckel rest in all of us for they are the very fabric of our being conscience and soul. There is no escape from their Juggling act because there is no way to escape from ourselves. Only in death will we realize this as we twist and spin to the other side?


Who is the best juggalo rapper ?

just a quick question who is the best juggalo rapper ???

The best two would be killa mo 187 or kid crusher

what racist juggalos dont exist ????

lovely comment a member of planet lotb received by a juggalo , while other juggalos act like they have never said a racist word in their lives as its against the juggalo family smokey530juggalo shows what a real juggalo is.

smokey530juggalo is MAD

smokey530juggalo  (1 hour ago)

your really lucky u live in canada
ill fucking kill u bitch
talkin all your shit over the internet u got balls u little nigger loving fagoot fuck
god your sooo fucking lucky bitch ass
when i go to canada im gonna tell u and were gonna have a little talk. Me,U,Your? butt buddy faggot juggalo holocaust bitchs, And My juggalo Family OK

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smokey530juggalo is MAD

At what point do we remove a juggalos children from her ???

Bad Juggalo parents strike again

Arabella sings ICP’s “Yellow Bus”

This bad mother who goes by the user name Lizzi1620
has her 3 year old sing icps yellow bus – with these lyrics

When I was a little boy, they used to laugh at the mini bus
We was special, wasn’t many of us
Where did we get to go all day? We went to happy land
See me pressed up on the glass, smillin’ waving my hand
I like y’all in a hurry, tryin ta get to go where y’all go
Our little special yellow bus, driftin’ town extra slow
We don’t get shot in our class, we happy all damn day
You see the little yellow bus, come and fuck out the way

I’m in the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m in the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up

All these bitches never see me, I waggle my penis
I’m riding in the little yellow bus, cause I’m a fucking genious
We got our own class, and y’all ain’t got the pass
You might see us threw window if ya’ cut across the grass
But that’s all you will get, we on some high level shit
Get back to your class with the masses, where your easy to forget
I’m in the little yellow bus, riding on that bitch laughing
Oblivious to the wicked world outside, and what’s happenin’

I’m in the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up

Lights flash, when we grippin’ by cause we in here wilin’
We livin’ on our own shit, while y’all worry ’bout stylin
We riddin’ on past, sometimes haters try to diss us
By we so fucking happy, we can’t help but let it miss us
We floating on the chain, we ain’t gotta maintain
We in our little yellow bus, cause we ain’t the same
We out here bendin’ corners, and we ain’t fucking with stress
and where we headed, that’s for only us to know and you to guess

I’m on the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wants us to pick em up
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
I’m on the little yellow bus, who wanna ride wit me
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
The little yellow bus
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up
The little yellow bus
Scoop us up
Com’on and scoop us up

At what point do we remove a juggalos children from her this is clearly not music a 3 year old should be listeing to or singing along to.
This sort of violent cult like behavior is wrong
Lizzi1620 you should be ashamed and put in a yellow bus.