Twiztid Heartbroken And Homicidal – Secrets – juggalo Holocaust

Most juggalos have not caught on to the secret deal twiztid has made with the juggalo holocaust – JH , a anti juggalo criminal vigilante group set to fix the problems with juggalos.
The Fly on the cover is one of the first things noticeable but has any juggalo read its back properly – the image used in this vid is not a bright as the one on the actual cover which shows a distance J H on the Flys back – JH being the new sign for Jhuggalos and the Juggalo Holocaust.

5 responses to “Twiztid Heartbroken And Homicidal – Secrets – juggalo Holocaust

  1. fuck you jh juggalo holocost haha we arent scared of u pussy bitches we rape your sister your bros on our side haha

  2. dude, talkin about rapin sisters and shit, cmon. thats just fuckin stupid

  3. MercThaMurderer

    my question is what IS the deal between JH and Twiztid?

  4. That isn’t a JH and the album is about the infighting of juggalos and how some claim juggalo but are racists or just fucking don’t listen to a single message.behind the music

  5. If someone with a brain google’s or bing’s a picture of a common house fly, they will notice that they all share the same pattern on their back. You wanna start a war, have better fire power. Dont bring a knife to a gun fight.

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