Who let this juggalo into the military ?

i really doubt this guy is in the military but ……

Listen up all y’all jh bitches ain’t nothing bitch bring it I’m in the mother fucking military you think you got what it takes to take us bring it bitches I will be at hallowicked so if you want a piece bring it I will even be in uniform you fucks

to the JH members there get this punks name from his uniform .

14 responses to “Who let this juggalo into the military ?

  1. I am i Sgt in the United States Army and i am also a juggalo. Why should it matter to all of you. Why do the JH come out to talk shit about jujggalos. Whats the point? You dont like icp or you dont want anything to do with the juggalos, fine we get that just turn of your radio and stop hiding behind your lame ass computer and turn of the radio if you dont like it. its really not that hard, is your purpose ikn life really to bitch about somthing that has nothing to do with you. I put my life on the line everyday over here for pathic people that wanna wine and cry

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ICP on the radio thats a laugh dude … sorry sometimes things offend me and in this case its your taste in music … ICP is bottom of the barrel crap … no talent clowns to be literal 🙂 … if you think you’re wasting your time for people over there then maybe you shouldn’t have went 😉 i’m sure we have plenty of more qualified people there HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    • Bottom line i like icp im a juggalo you dont like icp your not a juggalo what the hell is your point? And more quailfied?!?!? im out here on the front lines for your bitch ass i have watched buddies of mine get blown up. You just best watch what you say about being quailfied all you are doing is sitting back in the states using your freedom of speech which me and my battles uphold for you. The 1st admen. might protect you from the government but it aint gonna protect you from me. Idc if you made this stupid website or not i found it as shits and giggles to do during personal time u wanna dis icp cause you dont like them fine its whatever i aint gonna lose no sleep but i do have a problem with your sorry ass trying to diss the United States Army. Why dont you think on that men and women of all race both genders and all ethnicts (sp) fight and die out here to protect your ass. Watch what the fuck you say

    • I want u to say that to a juggaloz face but u wont cuz the only time u feel powerful is behind a computer… PUSSY

  3. They aren’t really letting idiots like you into my Army are they? And you’re a Sergeant, so you’re leading someone’s son into battle. If that soldier’s father knew what kind of moron was leading his son… I’d hate to think of how it would worry a father to know that type of thing.

  4. hey fuck you! any good juggalo should be respected especitly a Sargent from the motherfuckin army dude! I solute you SIR! and the reason WHY they are in the bottom of the barrel is because they are UNDERGROUND they dont play on the radio man… so suck it and also there is a radio station exclusivly for all the wicKed ninjas of the underground world on the internet so another thing to put in your mouth and ALSO suck it xD lol

  5. MWCL to you Sergeant. PFC in the Marine Corp and still yet to deploy, but at least I’m still spreading the love around the East Coast. Whoop whoop!

  6. Look, I really don’t agree with the disrespect you are showing Sgt. I just enlisted in the us army and I’m a juggalo. But that doesn’t mean I’m some gangbanger. I like the music and juggalos and ‘lettes are family to me, just like my real, blood family or my fellow soldiers, fighting to defend the rights of all Americans. I’m not going to argue about whether our not icp is a good band, I think they aren’t, you don’t. But why should our musical tastes be oppressed because they’re different? I salute you, Sgt, for defending our country. Thank you for what you have done for this great country.

  7. damn right im a juggalo noone should be disrespectful to the U.S. military they diffend you i am proud to be defended by my family MWCL to you sargent thanks for defending me my family and my homies

  8. sir i have a question dose the military recognize the hatchet man as a gang symbol or its it just cops. and Ive been wanting to send a care package for the family out there what would i have to do to do that.

  9. Yea I dare u jh pussies to try to start that shit up north thats why u keep ur bitch asses in florida cuz REAL juggaloz WILL FUCK U UP

  10. PV2 united states army I haven’t deployed but I feel that I think that a response is necessary I have listened to ICP since 97 and its what I like along with a lot of other types of music now from where I am a sergeant more specifically a leader of soldiers in the united states army should not state so and then stoop the level of someone who acts the way this guy does. You also have shown a manner of unprofessionalism when the army is all about how we as an all volunteer force are looked at not only by other countries but our own country as well. There are and will always be people who hate on musical fan bases. This is just another person who dislikes a band that other people like just like everyone who has posted on this and many similar forums do. Now regardless you are a sergeant I respect that and what you have done in the military I would go to parade rest all the same respect the rank like it has always been and always will be. I noticed the last post of yours specifically was in 2010 I have no clue if you are still in or not but it was not right to go to his level. Now for my opinion on you and the “juggalo holocaust” get over it because regardless of what you say or the FBI says or even our own government meaning ARs and UCMJ, juggalo’s will always be on this planet yes Psychopathic records is underground so no radio play but it has reached almost everywhere on earth that it could’ve possibly made it to I’ve met and talked to people from England, Australia, Europe and even some people from Africa have heard about or listen to members of Psychopathic records not just ICP. therefore it could be impossible to “get rid of” juggalos databases and personnel have suggested millions in the states alone and you know how people are against a fanbase…….. take a few minutes to realize that there really aren’t that many because I have not heard of any protest or even potetions to try and stop us so there really no grounds or purpose for your page sorry that’s all too easy. but hey you can take what I said with a grain of salt which you probably will you have your rights just like anybody else including myself has so you can say what you want and I can do the same no sleep lost on either side if this gets to it does if it doesn’t o well

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