Punch a Juggalo Day Facebook

No one had put it up, and i wanted to like it so i made a page.
I immediately recieved death threaths from a juggalo supporter.
For your health!Also after October 31st I would like to know how many of them you got. My goal is at least 5

4 responses to “Punch a Juggalo Day Facebook

  1. jaggalo brother

    are you dising family becues if you are wache your back if you dont you mit have a hachet in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoopwhoop

  2. Was good den i aint fina put no Hachet in ya head next best thing my boot to ya face then a knife to ya face.

  3. juggalos blow like tha wind does tha snow! you keep talkin that shit i’ll tie yo neck like a bow! look at me i’m a white guy that can rap badly … if i dress up like a clown retard i could probably get a record deal beside icp! … you two are fucking dong bags HAHAHAHAHAHA try getting better taste in everything then talk shit … and could you talk like a normal person please you sound like a gang banger with downs

  4. I wonder what the average age is for juggalos. They all sound so childish and inexperienced…

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