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Juggalo cult – changing the world

Juggalos a CRAZY CULT

i agree. im not usually one to post on these things, but i feel i have to say something on this. ive been a juggalo for over 16 years now. i used to be the only one of like 3 kids in my school who even knew who ICP was and we were your typical pissed off at the world poor kids who found a group who understood us.
as the years went by and we listened to psychopathic artists exclusively, we noticed the little hints and phrases here and there throughout the lyrics and even looked up shangri-la, the utopian society written of by aristotle. we knew even before “thy unveiling” that they spoke of and represented GODS anger and wrath.
we learned through ICP and the others that we werent alone and werent crazy for being as angry at the world and people as we were, and thus we could let it go and move on. make somthing out of nothing just as ICP had.
so keep blasting us and hating us, we feed off that hate and it makes us stronger and holds us together as the FAMILY, YES, FAMILY we are. just know this…JUGGALOS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE/WILL CHANGE THE WORLD INTO A BETTER PLACE USING THE STRENGTH YOUR HATE GAVE US!!!
so please juggalos, stop wasting your time and energy postng hate back at the haters. hold your head and hatchet high, know that GOD has our backs, and “LETS GO ALL THE WAY!!!”


Juggalo murder spree on halloween

Wow juggallete666

its a day for us to go on a mother fucker murder spree. we wait all year nigga, dont cha fucking know us wicked clowns gonna leave your neck a bloody mess. mmwfcl to all los and lletes who see this faggots fucking site.

and now you juggalos complain the media see you as violent …