Their goes their monthly paychecks …..

assuming these juggalos worked they just wasted their combined montly pay checks on a soda fight , instead of giving food to the poor they poured it down the drain.
Further proof that all juggalos are retarded homo clowns !

7 responses to “Their goes their monthly paychecks …..

  1. you’re a bunch of fake bitches and you waste all you’re time hating on the juggalo culture like a bunch of bigots go fuck you’re nazi grandparents

    • Skittlez_the_Juggalo

      This guy is obviously homophobic. They keep calling Juggalos homophobic, but what do they call us? They called us homos, and only homophobic people actually say that. Whatever. You’re all hypocritical.

  2. man fuck you guys insane psychopathic juggalo for life!

  3. You guys spend money and alot of time on a pointless web site. Why don’t you give that too the poor and be productive before you judge others. Cunts

  4. That looks like fun. FUCK yea id spend a whole paycheck on that.

    JH is just a couple fuckers that sit in there mommas basement and suck each others dicks.


  5. have you ever bought faygo thats maybe one paycheck on that soda.

  6. wow! That looked cool but hey man…. we’re in it for the fun and love! Spending time with our ppl and family is what we do and spending 1 persons pay check to have a get together like that well…. I think it’s worth it 🙂

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