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Stupid fucking clowns need to be exterminated.





Juggalo talks about Juggalo Killers Gang

These juggalo killers are a notorious street gang carving JK into their victims .


Punch A Juggalo Day – Halloween

Instead of saying trick or treat to people dressed as juggalos this Halloween we prefer to treat them with a glass of punch.

Juggalo Killers – are they connected with the United Nazi Juggalo Front – UNJF????

Here is what the news reports are saying about the new juggalo gang the juggalo killers

Juggalo Killers have a alignment with the Aryan Brothers Liberation – ABL

Those Juggalos have taken a new moniker, calling themselves Juggalo Killers, and are sending threats to other Juggalos who haven’t aligned with the gang.

Now lets compare the juggalo killers to the united nazi juggalo fron

‘Juggalo Killers’ a new breed of gang

This juggalo gang  is starting to become more  and more sinister with racist juggalo gang members now connected to the Aryan Brothers Liberation and the United Nazi Juggalo Front connected to the KKK …

OGDEN — Since the alignment of certain Juggalo members with the Aryan Brothers Liberation, more violent crimes have occurred in the Ogden area, says Police Lt. Scott Conley.

Conley said certain members of the Juggalos — a group of followers of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse — have aligned themselves with the ABL, an extremely violent prison gang that originated in California.

Those Juggalos have taken a new moniker, calling themselves Juggalo Killers, and are sending threats to other Juggalos who haven’t aligned with the gang.

“Those involved in the criminal side of (Juggalos) cause us some concern,” said Conley, who heads the Ogden police gang unit.

“If they are not involved in criminal activity, they can do their own thing, as long as they haven’t crossed that criminal element line.

But when they start telling individuals they can’t wear Juggalo attire, start removing it, committing robbery from a person — I have a problem with that.”

Conley said a 19-year-old woman who identifies herself as a Juggalette was attacked last week by members of the Juggalo Killers.

He said the girl was riding her bicycle north on Washington Boulevard when two men in a black Honda stopped and attacked her, knocking her unconscious. She awoke in the 300 block of 10th Street, without her bike, and with cut marks on her wrist and the letters “JK” carved into her chest.

The two Juggalo Killers also took her cell phone, Conley said, and sent text messages to her contact list to brag about the kidnapping and scold other Juggalos for leaving her on the streets by herself.

Incidents like this are occurring more often, Conley said, which has led police to classify the music fans, who are often characterized as wearing face paint and images associated with ICP, such as the hatchet man and evil clowns, as a gang.

It is unknown how many Juggalos are in the Ogden area.

“The attraction to that music, or those people following that music, I have no problem with,” Conley said.

“When they start breeding disruption in the community, showing up in libraries to harm people with butcher knives up their sleeves, I have a problem. I have to get involved with the community.”

Many Juggalos protest the depiction that they are gang members; they say they are just music-lovers.

And with a public image of a face-painted clown drinking Faygo, a soda, it is difficult for many community members to believe Juggalos are capable of violent gang activity.

“It’s hard for people to take them seriously, dressed as clowns,” Conley said.

He takes issue with a Standard-Examiner editorial in September that said the Juggalo group is a non-gang. Conley said he feels the editorial board did not have enough knowledge to determine whether the members are a gang, which has created issues for law enforcement.

“Two people told officers that, ‘Even the Standard-Examiner says we’re not a gang,’ ” he said. ” ‘Why do you have a gang file on (Juggalos)?’ ”

Conley said the gang classification has been set for the group because of the criminal element that continues to present itself in the area.

“They are trying to represent, just like any other entity represents, their following,” he said.

“Now that they are being involved in criminal activity, they are being categorized as a gang. Any association can get together — hobbyist or people with similar interests — but when they cross that line of criminal element or cause disruption in the community, that’s where we are going to become involved.”

Member of Juggalo Gang Juggalo Rydas sentenced to 15 years for shooting up vacant apartment

The Juggalo Gang now has sub gangs like the juggalo rydas …. Which is connected with the Psychopathic Rydas juggalo gang

Dewey W. Dixon, who is apparently down with the clown, will be serving a mandatory 15-year prison sentence for shooting up an apartment with a Mac-10 semiautomatic machine gun in September 2008.

The 32-year-old from Johnson County was sentenced Thursday for two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, property damage and marijuana possession.

A news release issued by the Platte County prosecutor’s office says Dixon claimed to be a member of the Juggalo Rydas, which police say is a street gang. Juggalo is the name given to followers of the hip-hop duo the Insane Clown Posse. And the gang name Juggalo Rydas Bitch was referenced on a song by Anybody Killa featuring ICP called “Gang Related.”

“This man, like many members of the Juggalos, claimed at his guilty plea that Juggalo Rydas is merely a fan club for Insane Clown Posse,” Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd tells The Pitch. “This case however, has all the hallmarks of criminal street gang activity: a drive by shooting in response to a perceived slight and a graffiti tagging of the intended victims’ apartment.”

Dixon was retaliating for a slight against a woman by two men, Zahnd said. But Dixon fired the machine gun at the wrong apartment.

Deputies found brass knuckles and a blackjack on Dixon at the time of his arrest. He also had weed and a homemade pipe with pot residue in it.

A release issued by the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office says Dixon that the bond between the members of Juggalo Ryders is “like family.” Dixon admitted shooting into the wrong apartment after “tagging” the door with the words “Juggalo Rydas.”

“We know that there is some gang activty in Platte County,” Zahnd says. “It is however not an overwhelming problem and our goal is to keep it that way.”
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