Juggalo talks about Juggalo Killers Gang

These juggalo killers are a notorious street gang carving JK into their victims .


4 responses to “Juggalo talks about Juggalo Killers Gang

  1. I totally agree man im a local ogden juggalo and this shit has to stop we cannot allow this fucked up shit to continue a attack on one juggalette is a attack on all juggalos/lettes everywhere im thinking of putting together a protest on 12th and Washington a block from were this fucked up shit happen with signs saying juggalo killers are not real juggalos and juggalo killers get the hell outta our town and stuff like that to let the ppl of ogden and these fake juggalos know that they are not welcome or a part of us and if we get our hands on them that we will show them what happens when you fuck with our family let me know what you think at stopjuggalokillers@yahoo.com

  2. So you only protest when a juggalette is attacked? nevermind all the other horrible crimes that have occured throughout the country under the “juggalo” name? you can’t be concerned with that? and then you talk about “show(ing) what happens when you fuck with our family”? so you plan on taking matters in your own hands and doing basically the same thing as what they did just with a different motive. You jugga-hoes are pathetic pieces of shit! i have forever been directly affected by an individual, slef proclaimed, juggalo. ICP sucks ass anyway…they always have. i just heard that ridiculous piece of crap song “Miracles”. i almost laughed. grow up

  3. juggalo rydas 4 life

    fuck dat stupid jk shit yo

  4. fuck the jk tooele juggalos for life

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