Insane clown posse / Juggalos Brainswash Children

juggalo parents
Juggalos are brainwashing their children
this child should be taken away from his idiot parents asap

6 responses to “Insane clown posse / Juggalos Brainswash Children

  1. go die come hop to jjp17 and all of us for war bitch boys come and ride up. east side in the 719 co sg. on my hood i will cut your bitch ass up all killed fam come ride or die whores

  2. fuck u jh is tag up X out so wars on hop up juggalos ride we can do this .
    so cap my ass for being down now dumb ass fucks going to die all jh jeff see u in hell punk ass bitch boys

  3. Holy dumb fuck what do those comments mean?!

    Anyway, fuck babies. Paint their face, cut their face, who cares.

  4. omg! thats horrible Mr.!! the paint is ok but not the CUT THEIR FACES part!! Fucking sick man…

  5. wat the fuck are you fucking serious!! just cuz you dont like the way we live or what we do you have no right to be sayin shit bout us juggalos. FUCK YOU MUTHA FUCKA!!!
    you will one day get wats commin to all you homie hatters

  6. babyclownface

    Unless you are referring to someone who makes hats.

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