Victims Of Juggalo Cult Terrorism Part 2.

More pictures of innocent people lost to the violent cult/gang knows as Juggalos.

All of these people were killed for not being Juggalos.

Rest In Peace.


3 responses to “Victims Of Juggalo Cult Terrorism Part 2.

  1. Bajaj.

    Do you just surf the web looking for pictures of people for this? Like seriously, show me some dead bodies with JK or ICP carved in their faces. Pics or it didnt happen as you say on LOTF.
    I know it wont work, but fuck it.

  2. this page really is a bag of laughs. THIS is even funnier. they were killed because they werent juggalos. BECAUSE THAT REALLY FUCKING MAKES SENSE. seriously, if you dont know the shit, why are you going to put false statements…Everywhere.
    Look, you might have gotten picked on, your underwear pulled on, and had it be done by a Juggalo. Getchya panties untwisted because you got TOO much time to be spending making this website.

    (for future reference:: GET A LIFE.)


  3. yeah juggalos arent all bad. I had good friends who were juggalos. Fuck your stupid shitty website

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