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Who is the best juggalo rapper ?

just a quick question who is the best juggalo rapper ???

The best two would be killa mo 187 or kid crusher

what racist juggalos dont exist ????

lovely comment a member of planet lotb received by a juggalo , while other juggalos act like they have never said a racist word in their lives as its against the juggalo family smokey530juggalo shows what a real juggalo is.

smokey530juggalo is MAD

smokey530juggalo  (1 hour ago)

your really lucky u live in canada
ill fucking kill u bitch
talkin all your shit over the internet u got balls u little nigger loving fagoot fuck
god your sooo fucking lucky bitch ass
when i go to canada im gonna tell u and were gonna have a little talk. Me,U,Your? butt buddy faggot juggalo holocaust bitchs, And My juggalo Family OK

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smokey530juggalo is MAD