Juggalo Websites we removed

heres a small list of juggalo websites we have had the pleasure of dealing with

Muthafacko dot com
Bizzare Ninjas dot com
For Juggalos By Juggalos dot net
FaYgoLuVeRs dot com
Juggalo Productions dot com
Three Ring Circus dot com
Psychopathic News Hotline of Florida
ICP Merch Traders dot com
Church of the Dark Carnival dot com
Psychopathic Realm dot com
Wicked Carnies dot net
The Amazing Maze dot com
ICP-Rules dot com of Europe
Street Ninjas International Hockey Team
Wicked Voodoo Masters of Austin, Texas
Juggalo Worlds dot com
L’il Poot’s Asylum
Super Juggalos dot com
Dot com
1 o 8 Dragon in Ninja Family
Twiztid Thoughts hotline of Salt Lake
Juggalo Tats of New Hampshire
Juggalo Date Hotline National
Dot com
Mostasteless Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Mafia dot com
Twiztid Tattoos
Real Juggalos dot com
In New Hampshire
Psychopathic Juggalo City dot com (minus)
Blaze Ya Dead Zombie dot com
Arizona Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Nation dot com
The Seventh dot com
Juggalo Planet dot com
Born for Juggalos
Dead Pumkins dot net
Dot com
I-C-P dot D-E of Germany
Hatchet Man Basketball Team
Real Rydaz dot com
Twiztid Chicks dot com
Orange County Juggal Crew
Juggalo dot D-E of Europe
Faygo Revolution
The Insane Domain dot net
Dot net
Twiztid Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Asylum
Sixth Jokers Card dot com
Wicked Tent dot net
The Sixth dot com
Kentucky Juggalos
True Juggalo dot net
I-C-P Tabs dot com
Juggalo Kings
I-C-P House dot com
Wings and Things
Georgia Juggalos Network Hotline
Magic Ninjas Bowling Team
Insane Clown House dot com
Juggalo Pizza at Rhode Island
Dark Carnival dot com
Twiztid’s Weed dot com
Freek Show dot com
Funhouse dot com
Denver Juggalos dot com
Twiztid Reality dot com
I-C-P Never Die dot com
Twiztid Juggalos Hotline of Miluakee
Hotline of Dallas
Crazed Juggalos dot com
Juggalo Twiztid Revolution
Harsgrove Juggalo Graffiti Team
Dot com
Bizzar Bizaar
Florida Juggalos
Dot Com
Twiztid Clowns dot com
Juggalos R Us
Real Juggalos from the Lou hotline
Dark Carnival
Juggalo Extreme Wrestling
Tattoos and peircings
Twiztid Juggalo Funhouse dot com
Wicked Realm dot com
Blaze Ya Dead Juggalo
Carnival Curtains dot com
Dot com
We Are Juggalo Paintball dot com
Realm of Psychopathic dot com
Are we Lotus
Insane Funhouse dot com
fockin’…feminem dot com
Juggalo Union dot com
Ghetto Zone
Dog Beats dot com
Dot com
Psychopathic Genius
Dot com
I-C-P Insane Championship Pool
Dot net
Canadian Juggalos dot com
Dot com, huh?
Shangri-La dot com
Twiztid’s Fun Phone Hotline of Kansas City
Juggalo Nation
Juggalos-4 life dot com
Dot com (Psychopathic)
Dark Carnival Coffee House in Seattle (What the..)
D-C-J-S Juggalos dot com
Sik Clown’s Ju…damn my bad
Psychopathic Traders dot com
Juggalo Nation of San Francisco Bay
Juggalo Night at Oscars in Houston
L’il Poot’s Stash dot com
Dot com
The Brooklyn Juggalo Militia
The Juggalo Body Peircing of Ocean Mesquite
L Beyonced Juggalos dot com
Sick Clowns Dark Carnival dot com
Juggalo Thongs and Bongs in Birmingham
Detroit Psychopathics Dot Com
Sick Psychopathic Hotline of Detroit
Juggalo Go Around dot com
Shaggy 2 Dope dot com
Half Dozen Psychos Tattoos of British Columbia
Killer Funhouse (Dot What) dot com
Dot net
Dark Clown Landscapin’
Get you mowin’ on
Park Slow Ninjas dot com
Dot com
Twiztid Slim dot com
Dot org
Official Psychopathic Hockey team
Juggalo Power
Chigga chigga dot com

12 responses to “Juggalo Websites we removed

  1. Nobody can copy/paste as good as you!

  2. …lyrics …just wow

    try the links idiot

  3. Bigirishjuggalo

    ROFL…. Have you so lost interest that you pasted lyrics from a Dark Lotus song? Seriously?! LAME! OMG I almost died laughing reading this one… you guys make some of the lamest attempts I have ever seen. Almost as lame as the idiot posing to be a cop in a few posts above this one. It’s like watching bad porn…. No one wins. LMAO

  4. faygoluvers.net is thriving, why do you guys do this shit. Bottom line is, i like music.. I don’t act a certain way because of it, I just listen to a certain choice of music, and you want to KILL me because of this.. What’s wrong with you people..

  5. Lmao they arent people. they are the lowest form of being. Wanting people dead for a music choice lmfao. how pathetic do they get lmao

  6. wow yall are retarded if you sit there and look up the lyrics so you could have something to bitch about

    ima juggalette and will always be

  7. wow all you did was get that from a song dumb ass were juggalos we know most all juggalo songs

  8. They pussies thats why they hide in the shadows come to my town see what the fuck happens. We got a lot of fake juggalos where im at but lemme tell you something id ride dolo through your WHOLE ORGANIZATION with my face painted screamin WHOOP WHOOP bitches in yalls faces and you wouldnt do shit. suck my dick you holocaust faggots MMFWCL NINJAS!

  9. Fuck you bitches you want us come get us. We may be underground but it is not because we are scared of you bitches we are underground waiting for the right time to fuck the world up along with this so called holocaust. we will swing our axes and leave a thump noise out of your heads. whoop whoop and if you dont like it come get me you cock suckin pig mother fuckers. Bowling Green KY is where i reside at just ask for me by name bitches it’s steve-o. Thank you and have a hatchet day

  10. just remember my fellow los and lettes…. these people are the main reason that we are as large as we are… haters will hate… they have nothing better to do than to bash those that are better than them… they hate cause they dont understand… so let haters hate… it just makes us burn brighter and harder…

  11. You guys are fucking pathetic. Ive been hearing about this juggalo holocaust for a while now.. When are you guys going to actually pick up your balls and start killing people? Oh yeah, this is the internet, you can talk shit without consequence and feel a bit better about yourself. Come outside for a bit, the sun hasn’t started burning people yet.

  12. Why do you morons hate us so much, what exactly have we done to you. You are letting 10% of the fan base to determin if we are good or not. What about the other 90% of us. Those of us taht got jobs and do what we can to contribute to society. I bet most of you haters cant say taht you contribute so back off and go fuck a cow.

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