How Juggalos spend their time

This vid is just a little sample of how most Juggalos and Juggalettes spend there time during the day Including rideing a scooter with their ass crack showing, getting drunk, getting violent and pissing in front of everybody typical  Juggalo clown behavior !



One response to “How Juggalos spend their time

  1. Skittlez_the_Juggalo

    Thought I would state the fact that this video has nothing to do with true Juggalos. The things shown in this video are also things that every other human being has/can/will do. I know a lot of alcoholics that are not Juggalos, and some that are, and they have done the same. Of course, just like most groups, there are the fakes that make the group look bad, and these “Juggalos” are a very good example of people that are posing as someone they are not. They are obviously very un-educated (which is also about 1/2 of United States citizens) and trying to be ‘cool’ when all they are doing is proving the fact that they are un-educated and just want to make everyone else like them. It’s what most of the population does. As for the violence- everyone is violent in one way or another. The problem is that a lot of people don’t understand what the true Juggalos stand for, which is living your life happily, the way you want it, waiting for Shangri-La (Heaven), and trusting God to guide you. Also, whoever posted this needs to learn how to spell. It’s not spelled rideing, it’s spelled RIDING. The way you spelled their is ‘there’ which is used as it is in this sentence: “The bike is over there.” Although the correct spelling in this sentence would have been THEIR as it is used in this sentence “They are riding in their car.” Also- thought I would point out that nothing is TYPICAL for any one person that is in a group.

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