More Juggalo Racism

1 hour ago

@buttsecksJNW are you fucking stupid? thats esham you stupid fucking nigger.

this is a white juggalo calling esham and other people the N WORD ,  this is how the majority of juggalos are racist and hate filled.

4 responses to “More Juggalo Racism

  1. You can’t be racist and a juggalo, dumb asses have fun tring to stop us when you clearly know it ain’t going to happend, exspecilly if you just talk shit on the internet, go to a gathering and start something

  2. Are you guys really that fucking stupid?You have no clue what a Juggalo/Juggalette is! We thrive off your ignorance.Your site is a joke!The underground can’t be stopped-just except it and FUCK OFF!!!!!!

  3. hell yeah man!! It’s like saying every person who likes country is a racist redneck hick! but they arnt man! so just fuck off cant call everyone a racist because some fuck face said nigger…. use your commen sence!

  4. try bout 10 % of juggalos r rasict, but its ok cause we accept any kind of juggalo. u clearly do not kno whut a juggalo is, and u prolly never will

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