Hallowicked 2011

From the success of this years punch a juggalo day at hallowicked

Jh will be attending hallowicked 2011 – punch a juggalo day revenge

14 responses to “Hallowicked 2011

  1. T8R-4RM-D3C8R

    good luck 🙂 WHOOP WHOOP!

  2. WOW, really, why deny Anyone of their belief? Bible trumpeters need to learn God’s rule. Love all people, despite what the believe

    • amen! i am a christian and a lette, i love god and the clowns.. this “cult” thing really bothers me! i have not nor will ever be in a cult and i dont judge anyone.. let he who is without sin cast the first stone.. lette for life and forever praising my lord! :0) whoop whoooop

  3. when is frerkkin hallowicked 2011???? wht day

  4. I’ll be waiting for you…..with a sledge hammer.

  5. This shit is so ridiculous I can’t even come up with a good response. You guys are retarded. When did a juggalo last hurt you? I know I for a fact I have never hit any of you retarded ass fucks but you best believe you come at me
    I’m coming back at you.

  6. hey come punch me, i fuckin dare u, i defy u to come punch me, ill beat yo fuckin ass, make u bite the fuckin curb, then piss in ur face. hows tht sound? ill b sure to paint my face before hand as well, fuck u lil bitchz. u aint shit but hatin ass hoes, jus cause weve made a family yall gotta b like fuck those people and their group. we aint no fuckin gang, were great friends wit common intrest n refer to one another as family cause we will always support one another, even the dick ridin fucks tht ride icps nuts, tsure some of them prolly fake but for the time bein they family. wen they turn fake then we smash em like a cake. fuck yall bitchs again come punch me, message me on facebook then we shall meet up somewhere in hammond. jus look up deadbodyman219 on facebook, ul find me bitchz

  7. Fuckin Internet badasses, both sides

  8. all yall r gettin worked up 4 nothin. let these lil bitchez do what they do. cause we gunna do what we do, & what we do is a hell of a lot stronger then one lil group of haterz— WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  9. ill be there rep chi and i wish some one would hit me ,give me a reasion to smash some haters heads.. if u ant one of us watch your back ,fam got my back

  10. juggalo ninja bj

    first off i like to address the fam. whoop-whoop o(-{ second i’d like thank all the haters for their support and third what hole did you crawl out of where you think you can hit a juggalo and not get got for it true fam let em know whats up and im not blowing smoke come to the next hallo-what hallowicked and hit some one i’ll be there to record your beat down go ahead go ahead feed your baby the retarded meat

  11. you guys should go to every hallowicked, cuz if you manage to find me and hit me, imma beat your lil punk ass down

  12. You got so many problems with us, why don’t you worry about something else like cancer or something. I fight everyday for your freedom and i’m a Juggalo. Don’t hate someone for loving others and enjoying our short lives.

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