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Racists – How come Twiztid doesnt say Nigger anymore?

Some Racist lyrics by Twiztid – a white rap group

“Now Nigger if you took the time to heed the message then this is more than a rhyme, maybe you should hit rewind”

“Here I am, I’m right here dog. Here I am, I’m right here Nigger. Here I am, I’m right here bitch.”

“Them down south niggers don’t know about this
And niggers on the West side way too pissed.
Because it’s East side niggers talking hardcore shit
Enough to get the North side hit”

Madrox to R.o.C – to hatchet house

the r.o.c hatchet house

Madrox sends the R.o.c to hatchet house .

Who is the r.o.c a rapper who worked with twizted who has been shafted to hatchet house .

R.O.C. (rapper)
Birth name Bryan Jones
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Genre(s) Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, Songwritter, Producer
Instrument(s) rapping
Years active 1993–present
Label(s) Retro Horror Music (1993)
Latnem Records (1995-1999)
Virus Independent (1999-2003)small>
Siccmade Musicc (1999-2001)<br/Heavycore Records (2003-2006)
Psychopathic Records/Hatchet House (2007-present)
acts Twiztid
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Level Jumpers
Website http://www.iamtheroc.com

Bryon Jones, also known as The R.O.C, is an American rapper and producer whose production has been heard on albums from Hystera, Axe Murder Boyz, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, and most recently Blaze Ya Dead Homie. He is currently signed to Psychopathic Records's inprint "Hatchet House" and is a former member of House Of Krazees, HaLFbReeD, and Level Jumpers

* 1 Biography
o 1.1 House Of Krazees
o 1.2 Halfbreed
* 2 Discography
o 2.1 Solo Albums
o 2.2 House of Krazees
o 2.3 Halfbreed
o 2.4 Level Jumpers
* 3 References

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House Of Krazees

Formed in 1993. The R.O.C, Hektik (Monoxide), and Mr. Bones (Jamie Madrox} released a total of 6 albums as a trio and only one album with new member Skrapz. In House Of Krazees, Jones was able to produce and create some of the early sounds as you would hear on later Halfbreed projects as well as current songs he's produced. In 1996, HOK got their first chance of touring nationaly with Insane Clown Posse starting with a Hallowicked small tour in late 1996 and than again during the "Milenko Up In Your Face Tour". However, during this time Manager/Latnem Records owner Walter Stepanenko refused to supply merchandise to the trio and they were forced to drop off in the middle of the tour. Shortly after The Original lineup of House Of Krazees broke up. Hektik and Mr. Bones became Twiztid and signed to Psychopathic Records, and Jones was left out. He later released a cd titled "The Howse" with various other Detroit MC's. After that, Skrapz came along and Jones became SoL and The Knight They Kame Home was released in late 1998, and is listed as the final House Of Krazees release.


After the final split with Manager/Latnem Records owner Walter Stepanenko. Skrapz and SoL along with Prozak, after listening to some well deserved advice from high school classmate Esham, formed Virus Independent. With it, 2 groups were announced. Prozak's group 'Bedlam' and SoL and Skrapz's new group 'Halfbreed.' Under Halfbreed, Jones was able to once again gain national attention when signing a distributing deal with California rap label Siccmade Musicc and released Virus Indie albums for 2 years before severing the ties. Halfbreed would last from 1999 to 2002, when the duo would split to venture into other genres. Skrapz moved to a more Hardcore Rap style and Jones started what would become a 5 year journey to become a member of Hatchet House Records.


Solo Albums

* X-Posed: (1996, Latnem Records)
* The Howse: Esohpromatem (1998)
* Sol 46: Wormholes (2001, Virus Independent)
* Bits & Pieces Vol. 1 (2004, The R.O.C.)
* I'm Here EP (2005, Heavy Core Music)
* Oh Hell No (2006, Heavy Core Music)
* Welcome To The Darkside (2008, Hatchet House)

House of Krazees

* Home Sweet Home: (1993, Asylum Records)
* Home Bound: (1994, Retro Horror Muzik)
* Season of the Pumpkin: (1994, Retro Horror Muzik) (1994, Latnem Intertainment) (2004, no label)
* Outbreed: (1995, Latnem Intertainment)
* Head Trauma: (1996, Latnem Intertainment)
* Remix and Rewind: (1997, Latnem Intertainment)
* various artists: Mob Mentality (song: "Ghost") (1997, In tha House)
* The Night They Kame Home: (1998, Latnem Intertainment)


* 1999 – Serial Killaz (Virus Independent/Siccmade Musicc)
* 2000 – Kontaimination (Virus Independent/Siccmade Musicc)
* 2001 – Rage Of The Plauge (Virus Independent)
* 2001 – Serial Killaz (New & Improved) (Virus Independent)
* 2002 – The End (Virus Independent)

Level Jumpers

* The Red Pyrmamid (Virus Independent)
* Simply Complx (Virus Independent)