juggalo hate crime – pumpkin gets smashed

Lmao happy punch a juggalo day

this is my friends pumkin carvings we did and out of all of em mine was the only one smashed so i think it was a juggalo hate crime


great job to the pumpkin smasher but i bet it was just this idiot juggalo trying to get attention

5 responses to “juggalo hate crime – pumpkin gets smashed

  1. Skittlez_the_Juggalo

    You might think it was a juggalo, but for all you know it was some teenage trouble maker. Just like people that tp houses.


  3. yo fuck u man u dont no what the fuck u talking bout u punk ass bitch u be dissing a whole lot a people becuz y? u just a fucking hata who gana get yo ass beat!
    whoop whoop mmfcl

  4. well, why dont we take punch a juggalo day and turn it into punch justin bieber day? then we’ll all be happy

  5. i say go ahead and try to punch me pussies, ill fuck you up if you do. oh, and make sure you wear a juggalo holocaust shirt or something so i know its one of you. i live in ohio, hubbard/brookfield. right on the border, come on down and hit me, knock on my door, try it. bet you wont you fuckin cowards

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