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Juggalo Gang Reports

The most shocking thing is that 2010 isnt over yet

Picture of ICP when they were kids……

Heres a Picture of ICP when they were kids……

insane clown posse kids children

Dont drop that square Shaggz

Funny Insane Clown Posse / Juggalo Pictures

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violent j panda

First Report Of juggalos Being A Gang

juggalos became a gang in the eyes of the news and media was in 2003.


The first person to start calling themselves a juggalo gang was
Email: madbaby4@aol.com

whose website states

yo this is the juggalo gang page join us give me a holla..u no u wanna join

r.i.p. to these juggalos

* crip clown
* hatch
* dark angel
* carnival clown
* weedy

The First News Report of Juggalo Gang Violence was also in 2003

INSANE CLOWN POSSE fans were banned from Wasson High School on Thursday (Nov. 4) “due to recent events surrounding the group’s followers. On [Nov. 5] at approx. [1:00 a.m.] two students spraypainted the exterior of the school with ICP logos and writing consistant with the gang’s following,” a Nov. 5 entry in the blotter reads. “The students were identified and felony charges are pending. At approximately [9:00 a.m.] students decided to protest the decision of the school staff to ban ICP. The protest resulted in 6 students getting suspended for disruptive behavior. During the protest the school received word of a pending gun threat from the ICP/Juggalo gang. The threat did not materialize into any active threat. Further information was received about ICP/Juggalo from around the city arriving at the school at approx. [3:00 p.m.] to protest the school’s actions. No incidents were reported at [3:00 p.m.]. Numerous officers from the Stetson NPU unit remained in the area of the school to insure the students’ safety throughout the day.”

Juggalo Circle of Violence

teaching kids to get violent
dressing them up in face paint
forcing them to listen and sing violent music