Juggalo prays to crucifix made of icp cds

some juggalos claim they are Christian or that insane clown posse christian band or that they follow god ,
sorry but even if this is satire it is offensive and just shows how bad the juggalo cult is getting.

7 responses to “Juggalo prays to crucifix made of icp cds

  1. Skittlez The Juggalo

    You know what, I am Methodist, and I am a true Juggalo. Look up the song Thy Unveiling. It proves they are christian. Also, my fiancé owns Violent J’s book, and he explains it there, too. There are still the idiots that try to be in a group, but don’t fit in, but that’s with every group. Insane Clown Posse (or originally Inner City Posse) lost several MILLIONS of fans when the Wraith of Shangri-La (Shagri-La is also known as Heaven) came out, especially at the Unveiling of the album at the GOTJ. So say what you want, but they are still true to themselves and their true fans. Which is why they choose NOT to become mainstream and stay as Underground Horrorcore/Rapmetal.

  2. Fuhkk all u haters u aint nuthin but pussy ass lil bitches who aint gonna do nuthin but talk shit on the Fam. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!

  3. Come on guys! Are all of you conserned peoples bent out to destroy or solicet every kind of influence that is REMOTELY offencive?? Because if you are then I have bad news… That will NEVER EVER happen! Not in todays society nor in tomorrows…

  4. hey man! That’s the same guy who did the “Thank you hater’s” get up! OMG!! Poser tryin to bring our good name down by doin that crap WTF is the matter with you?!

  5. It’s one juggalo dipshit. I’m a juggalo and I don’t do that shit. I hang with my homies, my girlfriend, and hang with my family. I’m an honors student at an A-Stem school and you posting this shit and saying what you’re saying is completely uneducated. The juggalos that do the stupid shit are uneducated as well.

  6. For all you haters,
    You hate what you don’t understand. You praise God, then you cast stones at Juggalos…why? Because we’re different? We’re self made and not corporate? Remove the log from your own eye before you try to remove the speck from ours! We’re family, not a gang, not a cult! Family! Juggalo for life! My name is Michael Shane Thompson and I live springfield TN come talk to me before you slander anyone else in my family!

  7. juggalette mommy

    i don’t get why you are judging us i’m getting tired of it i have been a juggalette since 1989. We are not a gang nor are we a cult. To be honest I think people like you are bad for the simple fact you judge.You all should be ashamed of yourselves I would love to know your opinion on kiss then their name stands for KNIGHTS IN SATANS SERVICE we have nothing like that in our name we call ourselves family. We care about each other yes there is some people that call themselves juggalo’s and juggalette’s that do stupid stuff and they think they are gang bangers but that’s not all of us so before you judge us you should learn more. We don’t gang bang We don’t hurt people and we don’t rep colors we listen to music go to concert’s and have tattoo’s but that doesn’t make us bad people. All i’m asking is that if your going to judge us you should look at other bands like KISS’ slipknot’ marilyn manson eminem Dr. dre D12 cradel of filth and many more bands why not judge them as well. Why just juggalo’s and juggalette’s. When you reply to this please don’t be rude as I have showed you respect and I hope you do the same.

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