BabyAxe – a Juggalo who approves juggalos commiting murder

lovely comment from a juggalette

hey probably diserved to die. i give NO fucks. whoop whooop. call me fucked up all you want. i’m twiztid ass bitch, and theres to many fukken people in this world anyways. ahahah. mmfwcl

this is the type of rubbish we deal with daily – shame on juggalos.

5 responses to “BabyAxe – a Juggalo who approves juggalos commiting murder

  1. Skittlez The Juggalo

    Not all Juggalos are like that. So more like ‘Shame on the Juggahos (terminology- a Juggaho is someone who pretends to be a juggalo or thinks that being a Juggalo is cool or a fashion statement [like being emo aka emotional]) who think killing people is right’ I disagree GREATLY with all these people claiming to be Juggalos and killing people and giving a bad name to all TRUE Juggalos.

  2. its not even like that. i just don’t care. and i’m sick of all this jh BULLSHiT. i’m a sick and twiztid indivdual. and i wanted to give you something to talk about. aahahahha. i am in fact a ninjette. i don’t do this shit fur a trend. i don’t think its okay to kill random people. but i also don’t care about random people i don’t know. there nothing to me. so like i said i give NO fucks. mmfwcl. call me fake all you want. imma still be repping thee clown WHOOP WHOOP!

  3. Oh, wow. Oddly enough, every Juggalo/Juggalette I’ve ever encountered is just as ignorant. As a matter of fact, ICP seems to attract people who are blatantly stupid. “i’m a sick and twiztid individual.” Please, add “stupid” to your description next time.

    Hey! I have a better idea; Get “stupid” tattooed on your face somewhere. Or just “ICP fan.” This way, people will know they’re about to meet an idiot.

    Grow up, stop trying SO hard to look like a badass, learn to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and, for the love of everything holy, listen to music that isn’t totally shitty.

    Have a lovely day.

  4. blahblahblah. stop fukking whinning so much. deep down inside everyone has dark thoughts… juggalos just like to share em with the world, because they dgaf what people think. there is to many people in this world… how the fuck is that ignorant? this population is growing far to much, and were all dying because of it. people die: thats life. random people dying why should we be compassionate towards them. shes just being real, not stupid. thats her opinion. just like how you guys have your ignorant opinions about us. and thats what they are… pathetic and ignorant. because you guys THINK you know us, and you spend all this time hating on us. its so fuckking pathetic. like grow the fuckk up bro

  5. ohh man! She’s real fucked in the head!! You’s need to see a shrink or somethin get yo head checked out before you hurt someone ninja O.o

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