Juggalo Hypocrites cannot handle the truth origin of the word juggalo

The last few posts here about esham inventing the word juggalo to show juggalo sheep where their name came from , I however did not expect the sort of backlash with 5 youtube vids already made about this – yet still none from juggalos condemning steven spader – a juggalo and fan of insane clown posse .

This was one of the lovely comments on youtube.

Any real juggalo would know ICP made up the word juggalo!!! & even if Esham did make the word up, which he didnt! who gives a fuck! ICP was the one who was sayin the word & got it out there on there albums & shit! Esham used to call his fans suicidalist anyways! I like esham’s old shit! but his newer shit is wack! ICP made the word up..Bottom line! dont like it , eat a dick! real juggaloz know who made it up first! By the way Beverly kills 50187 is one of favorite ICP albums muthafuckow! MMFWCL

this juggalo is a sheep who will not research the thing that he defines himself with but will attack a rapper because he came up with it when its not icp .



2 responses to “Juggalo Hypocrites cannot handle the truth origin of the word juggalo

  1. dude… no one gives a FUCK who made up the word juggalo!! it’s there it’s hott and we love it so like i said before no one gives a shit!

  2. the juggalo word is just a label as is rocker or christian now i am a juggalo from yrs back before the family era and before we were labeled as a gang to say all juggalos are a gang is not correct as we are gang related as anybody killa states in his song “gang related” off the hatchet warrior album and to blame a group on individuals based on a single individuals action is know as a division fallacy which is to make and erroneous inference from the characteristics of a group about a member to see juggalo as a cult is also incorrect a cult is a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies. this is an American Psychological Association (APA) citation on the word cult
    cult. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved January 25, 2013, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/cult, and juggalos do not worship icp or psychopathic records or esham they worship god just as the christian religion dose i follow god not icp or esham or psychopathic records a juggalo is just a person who is proud to be themselves whether it be wrong or right hold your hatchet high means be proud of your self and hold your head high thy unveiling from insane clown posse’s album The Wrath of Shangri La is a great example in the song i explains that its not about icp or psychopathic records its all about god insane clown posse spreads the message of god to those who will never know god, the juggalo world is not not meant for anyone just a select few who have been rejected by society as i was for the way i, in the same retrospect a juggalo is more a life style not a gang or set of rules juggalos have no leader besides god the creator of everything and is not a cult because we do not worship a individual we follow god that is all and to criticize a person for being juggalo means you are closed minded and not very skeptical. thanks for yalls time M.C.L. Kemurai

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