A Juggalo describes why juggalos get hated on

I’m sure i encounter more juggalos than anyone on here. i have a psychopathic related store and go to about 1/2 dozen shows on every tour for the last 10 years and at least 1 before that. the juggalo population has certainly turned into a bunch of thugs and hooligans. they terrorize the neighborhood around the concerts, block the streets, scream at cars, harass local stores, they just don’t care in general. just because “scrubs” are juggalos, don’t mean all juggalos have to be scrubs and terrorize those around them and give a group of people with an awful reputation a reason to be hated. act like civilized human beings already. it’s a concert, it’s a group of recording artists, even a way of life and i have dedicated a good portion of my life and my bank account to them. they get tens of thousands of dollars of my money every year. i buy every single thing they sell and get extras to trade people for what I don’t have but the quality of kids who follow them have been degrading year after year.

7 responses to “A Juggalo describes why juggalos get hated on

  1. I see where your coming from. I have listened to icp since I was 7 and was unaware of this group. It wasn’t till my last year of highschool, did my friends become part of the family. My best friend for 5 years is a devoted juggalette. I didn’t think it was a big thing, but I’m a police cadet and I fear for her safety. The group is classified as a gang and the juggalettes I know, fight that stereotype with little effort. Getting arrested, committing crimes in public, and hanging out the potentially violent juggalos. This hatred must come from a feeling of helplessness. From everyone everywhere, who doesn’t want to be apart of this. There is a group of people all over the world that listen to 6 performers and follow their lyrics. They have so much religious like status, that I fear these fans will sacrifice anything for their idols. And I personally think that’s the issue. I feel helpless, to my friends and my community. Cudos to you for making money on the biggest merchandise enterprise in history.

  2. Vielen Dank f�r die info .you sind sehr hilfreich.

  3. I agree to a point with what you’re saying. All these younger kids these days take the music to the extreme. They don’t see that it’s music, it doesn’t always have to be real. And in ICP’s case, it’s usually a way to release inner tension, they would never go and kill somebody. All these young kids are giving all of us a bad name. But I won’t stop throwin my hatchet in the air because I know the people who don’t truly feel the carnival and the REAL message won’t last long.

  4. Also.. Officer Larson.. It seems to me like you’re thinking of ICP as some kind of cult lords or something…. It’s nothing like that. Think of it more like… The dead heads to the Grateful Dead. Just fans, nothing more. Some people do take it to the extreme, but as with any group there will always be some bad apples. And whereas you’re an officer, I’m sure you meet more bad apples than good ones when it comes to Juggalos.

  5. Good point I haave been down for over ten years and I have two kids and a full time job and real resposibilities I’m smart and scrubby I m down for my family and I still love haters but fuck mainstream bumppy music I like people who are real not pussy wanna be punks grow up and listen to the music they don’t want there fans to be worthless idiots the main group icp are christian even I mean come on people

  6. Dude what you wrote is outrageous. You sell what you hate to make money. What a fucking phony you are. What you need to do is pack up your shit and leave that area. If you got the balls to talk shit about juggalos then why don’t you post where you sell your shit. You would get ya ass fucked up. Sorry Fam for this piece of shit phony lil bitch. MMFCL!!!!!!! WHOOP! WHOOP!

  7. Look, I see that you don’t like ICP; but please, leave the kids out of this.
    They should not be harassed in such a unkindly matter. If you got something negative to say about the juggalos, talk to an adult. With all the cyber-bullying that goes on, we should leave the younger kids who don’t know enough about the world we live in alone. That’s what I’m saying.
    Can we agree on that? If you do agree, then I will back off okay?

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