Mialette – why juggalos lie about their lives – gathering of the juggalos sucide cult

Another juggalette that needs some professional help and her child removed from her MiaLette aka  teo_inspiresme@yahoo.com

I went to the gathering 2010- My first one and you know why? To run away and get a break- its a FAMILY REUNION with live music! The first thing they told me when I got there was “Welcome Home”, thats all i NEEDED at the time – which might I add I hitch hiked 60 miles after taking a grey hound all the way across the country so I could be with My FAMILY

she hiked 60 miles – sob story

During my hard time. I found support, love, fun, and so many cool people with cool stories from everywhere. The grey hound bus took all my luggage before I could even get there- I had nothin when I got there.

but now somehow she was robbed then bus driver wanted her nasty clothes and copy of behind the paint

The amount of love at the gathering was enough to take care of me make me re-think my suicide I had initially planned out for my return home!

an explication point she planned to commit suicide but it was the juggalo love that stopped her ending it all when she came back from the gathering – something is clearly wrong here and its just another juggalo lie.

I just want stupid people to realize WE ARE NOT A CULT, we are a family who just take care of eack other.

sounds like a juggalo cult to me deary you were going to commit suicide after the gathering of juggalos .

I have a two year old son that says whoop whoop in pride,

i can see why you wanted to end it all now you failed your child

husband who is Juggalo straight up who (Oh MY GOD, Imagine that)

so the father is also to blame

Just enlisted into the military to fight for you biggets.

really now im a bigot because i dont like juggalos what are you a race or religion.

Juggalo holocaust my ass-when i was a kid and those stupid little kids would beat my ass in the locker room, guess who stood up for me?

i dont know but i bet it was the juggalos in 3rd grade

It sure as hell wasnt no fuckin honor roll student(that was the bitches  against me)

i believe that statement

and I never did anything for that,

I never gave them a reason to fuck with me- you cant help being the ugly fat girl nobody wanted around.

maybe if you tried out for a sport or studied harder you could of fit in instead you dont nothing and became a juggalo who wants to commit suicide after the gathering.

Juggalos stood up for me!

When I went to school with broken ribs an black eyes from my dad- Juggalos saved my ass, babied me an put a stop to the abuse.

hahahahahahahahaahahahah really you got beat up by your dad and your school then those who picked on you at school got a change of heart – you are a liar .

And When I took a bad turn, Juggalos helped me see the light an clean up.

so juggalos helped you so much you were contemplating suicide after the gathering .

So for all you dumb ass judgemental people- Fuck off-

dont judge a juggalo who is a bad mother , a slob , teaching her kid nothing but rubbish then going to off herself after a concert – you are scum .

You’ll never know love till you know what a real juggalo is!

what a bad juggalo parent who wants to off herself after a concert she attended while leaving her young child at home – true juggalo family right there.

Its too over you close minded stuck up heads. Just trying to think down to your level of judgementation gives me a migrane headache!

judging bad mothers is allowed


we are the 6th and 7th jokers card to you

And to the Fam-See you next year!

if she doesnt off herself first or her child gets taken away

WHOOP WHOOP! MCL! An straight up thank you!
MiaLette–an proud of it!
PS Its not like none ya’ll havent ever heard of Vanilla Ice, Coolio or Ice T- guess what they are on our side bitches!  We are everywhere!

Another Juggalo or juggalette that needs mental help – she wanted to go to the gathering , commit suicide afterwards but was a juggalo all her life so it looks like juggalos dont really have the love she claims . She also wants to go to next years gathering .

What is it with juggalos making up lies .

9 responses to “Mialette – why juggalos lie about their lives – gathering of the juggalos sucide cult

  1. Fucking ass-hole your just an ignorant cunt and I hope that a horibal event happens in your life very soon, all the best a loyal juggalo from the Uk

  2. Fuck all you juggalos. Im repping 607 Clownhaters all day baby. Elmira NY 14905 get at me. WE are going to WAR. DIE ALL JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES.

    • that’s funny shit.. spend your time hating something you don’t understand. hope that pans out well for ya.

      • heartbrokenmother

        Juggalos are not all kids from bad home lives or are not kids (YES they are all ignorant to life and reality of needing to grow up and be responsible for there ignorance and accept the hardship and outcome!) I should know a bit about this as I am a Mother who has a son who was not raised in a bad home life but was raised as a happy child with love as a family and God and no drugs or alcohol but yet when he was barely out on his own his cousins introduced him to some guy who is a nobody loser alcoholic drug addict adult in his mid 20s at that time who had nothing to show in his life but a love for some stupid so called music group ICP and claimed this Jugalo title. Now my son and I had always had a great relationship and he knew he always could come to me to talk about whatever was on his mind nomatter what it was about and he respected my input and would accept if I had constructive critisism on the subject . So he came to me one day and asked me if I would listen to this song on this cd of this group and then tell him what I thought, now I don’t recall the actual song title as I was sickend by the lyrics and NO it has nothing to do with GOD but all to do with violence ! I told my son my thoughts and believed it was not the kind of music I would feel was apropriate and asked him why he thought it was about GOD and he could not give a true definition on how ICP music ever represented GOD and the reason is very simple: It don’t represent GOD in any way,shape or form, Period! It is like a cult in my eyes as they do there part in introducing you to all the bad stuff such as drugs ,alcohol and trying to claim that they are the only family you will ever need and brain wash into believing your blood family is not family but they replace that . I was told by family and friends and preacher that at that time my son was experiencing and he would grow out of it as it was just a faze and he was much smarter and had been raised to know right from wrong , now that was when he was 20 years of age and now as of today he is 28 years old and is still into this horrible lifestyle and my once smart loving clean handsome God loving son is trashy looking ran down looks twice his age and a full blown alcoholic and drug user and has nothing but his so called Juggalo fam as they call one another and worst part is he married a juggalett and they blessed my life with a Beautiful baby granddaughter 2 years ago who barely survived as her mother drank and smoked pot during pregnancy and end result delivered my grandbaby almost 3 months early and my baby granddaughter tested positive in her first stool for pot which her mother tried to lie about not smoking but then admitted and cps tested my grandbaby 2 wks later and she tested negative so in there eyes they could keep her. Today I struggle in my heart as this stupid so called Juggalos and just shut up trying to make excuses for your crazy stupid dope smoking alcohol drinking violent actions and get some seriouse help as my son and his so called Fam of juggalos have burried more of there so called family in the 8yrs my son has been all involved than I could ever imagine and every dang one of them who have died , died from drug overdose and alcoholic poisoning or suicide or alcoholism ! Just most recently on Feb 14th 2011 they said goodbye to a adult mother juggalo who’s kids turned her on to there lifestyle and she was a hard core alcoholic and it destroyed her liver and kidneys and sadly at the age of 47 yrs old she died a horrible death and do you want to know not one time in all the tradgic losses of life these juggalo fams experienced did they ever get a reality check or learn a vibrant lesson and get out of it and try to save themselves, no instead they have a get together in memory and drink themselves beyond stupid and smoke there dope and pop there pills trying to believe they are invinsable (which you idiots are not and proof lies in the ground under a heap of dirt with your juggalo family members name engraved on a little marker cause most don’t have any real flesh and blood family that will be there for them ) I am taking my grandchild away from that mess, as I don’t read anything about a juggalo just graduated college with honors or has a fantastic career and has a nice home and life for there children, no my son and daughter inlaw are homeless and why ? well because in the real world you have to grow up and be responsible and that means you have to work and be able to afford to keep a roof over your head and the heads of your kids ok and keep food in the home and pay your utilities and buy your child clothes and needs and take them to the Doctor , as a mother you have to get up in the morning with your child and feed them a healthy breakfast and stay awake and take care of them without being hung over and looking and smelling like you bathed in a beer can or ash tray. Anyone who has chosen the lifestyle of a Juggalo or Juggalett should never be allowed to have kids as Children don’t ask to be brought in this world but they damn sure deserve a proper life and not have to listen to ICP or Twizted or any other hidious Juggalo style music blarring in there little heads and they deserve and expect to be taken care of and are totally dependent on there parents to keep them safe from harm and not have to go without and to keep a roof over there heads and utilities on so they can see and keep warm and have water to be bathed in and a mother and father who will provide there needs and not once in 8 years since my son has fell into the juggalo life have I ever met or seen a child born in that life that I could say : Hey there is a child who has a wonderful life” no I see kids born into that so called family of juggalos being raised in a horrible life of uneducated lives and nothing good to look forward to and no clean enviroment to be raised in and promise you this not ever with you see a child born into that life as a child such as a little girl to have a sleep over at 8 years old of kids who come from a good family that is not connected to the Juggalos. No you will not ever meet a parent who is not affiliated with Juggalos saying oh yes I will let my little girl go sleep over there. Get real ! you idiotic so called Juggalo/Juggalettes can not EVER convince this parent that it is not a cult or that it is not bad ok as if it weren’t cult like then why in the world would they need to call eachother family ? and why do they dress up like idiots and I truly mean you look like the most crazy pathetic laughing stocks when you wear your crazy hatchet man or clown posse clothes and paint yourselves up looking like crazy clowns ok, Idiots pure and simple and you don’t just do it for the concerts, stop the lies you get together every chance you all can in your local area with other stupid Juggalos and have parties which you all call family get togethers and everyone paints up brings alcohol and drugs and music and you all get totally waisted and then of course you pile up together looking all crazy and waisted someone holding a dope smoke to there mouths others raising the bottle of booze and others flipping the bird and someone shoots pictures and they post them all over there facebook pages or myspace pages looking like a bunch of low life nobodies who are only important to eachother as you are a society outcast and not seen as any kind of intellegent person as a true intellegent person with any brains can see this is just an excuse to not grow up and be responsible. Try joining the military and risking your lives for your country and show your country some support ! Walk up in a real Church painted up and dressed up like you do and try to convince us true Christians your representing GOD! Hating something we don’t understand? There is nothing about your lifestyle that can be explained ,reasoned with or understood as it is senseless, meaningless and just a bunch of druged out drunks who try to make a reason for there repulsing lifestyle which has no MEANING! The end. Go to school get an education, get a real job that don’t consist of fastfood and learn how to make a life for your kids or watch CPS take the kids you birth in this lifestyle away to give them a chance at a good life without all your brain washed trash.

  3. Man fuck u guys how u gunna say she was in a cult bc she was gunna kill herself. she said that bein at gotj helped her not want to do that. yall r stupid lol. amd u wont understand the family love bc ur not meant to b apart of it cuz ur a close minded cock smooch. mcl all my fam

  4. eh eh clownhater! wtf?? Why you gotta be hate’n?! we are here for love and family what has the Family ever done to you?? or are you just a natural boren hater?

  5. I think it’s funny that you can take something that someone wrote about something they love and think of a smart ass comment after every other fucking sentence. You really must have no life. I honestly feel bad for you. We are a group of outcasts that didn’t want to conform and be “normal”. We happened to find other people with similar feelings and beliefs. WE have a WORLDWIDE family.. bigger than any gang or organization on earth… all you have is a fuckin hate blog.

  6. Skitzo, I find issue with this statement right here:

    We are a group of outcasts that didn’t want to conform and be “normal”.

    Do you realize, that in dressing the same, calling each other family, and all of that jive, you are in essence conforming to some semblance of a societal norm? By accepting fellow juggalos / lettes as your family, you’re considering that a society which you are a part of, and conforming to what you perceive as being a “nonconformist group”.

    Do you realize what’s wrong there? It’s an oxymoron, and it’s completely stupid. The way you don’t conform as an outcast is by making your own decisions, by being strong enough to be your own person and liking what you like without caring what others think about it – it’s a matter of having some manner of inner strength, and the ability to just be who you are.

    If you’re dressing like a fool (and conforming to juggalo standards, yes, conforming!) and doing all of this stuff, you’re actually taking a step back. You don’t need to necessarily want society to “accept” you, and that’s not what I’m saying at all.

    I’m just saying that this group / herd mentality is a huge show of weakness of constitution, and that’s why people don’t “get” you – and not because you’re different than they are.

  7. Wow……. The level of hate is truly amazing

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