Bad Juggalo Parents strike back – tattoos on toddlers

A lovely comment posted by bonnie

Yes i would. Im 13 my mom let me get 4 icp tattoos. Now. Say when you was a kid and your mom told you that you cant go or do something. How mad was you? Do you want your kids to feel like that.


Your mother should be ashamed and you should be taken away – what a poor exuse for a mother – since you would of got mad she took you to get 4 tattoos ??? either you are a liar or your mom is a mental case or both .



2 responses to “Bad Juggalo Parents strike back – tattoos on toddlers

  1. lol and how does giving ur child a tat make them bad rents?:p lol iv seen parents who arnt rents or los or lettes and arnt los and lettes them selfs give like a 4 year old a tat :p


  2. Skittlez_The_Juggalo

    I believe the definition of the word ‘toddler’ is a young child between the ages 2-4, not 2-13. A 13 year old is a teenager. Look at how it is spelled: TEENager. Also thought I’d let you know that almost 3/4 of the kids I went to school with had tattoos before they even got to High School. I have yet to get a tattoo, and, no, my first two (of which I will be getting this month) will NOT have anything to do with Psychopathic Records. Just because I’m a Juggalo does NOT mean I have to get a tattoo that deals with Psychopathic Records. There are other ways to show pride, and, yes, I will be getting one that deals with Psychopathic Records in the future, BUT I will have my own design because I also want to be known as an intelligent individual as well as a Juggalo. Also, not all Juggalos are the same, just like not all white people are rednecks or not all white people are part of the KKK. So keep up the good work on posting about the fakes (no, I do not use the terms ‘juggaho’ or ‘juffalo’ because that would be just like calling myself one [depending on circumstances]) because they deserve to be put behind bars for the illegal things they are doing, but, please, don’t punish the ones that have done nothing wrong & are just trying to live their life to the fullest.

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