New Hatchet Gear Belt Buckle – Hatchet Man Nazi

hatchet man nazi
New hatchet gear has 4 hatchet men whose feet go and form a swastika
now icp is catering for the nazi juggalos like the UNJF. Swastikas now make it look like juggalos support the holocaust.


26 responses to “New Hatchet Gear Belt Buckle – Hatchet Man Nazi

  1. LOL The truth is out.

  2. Most of hatchetgear’s business comes from inbred Nazi Juggalo scum.

  3. Juggalos going for the Little Mermaid – hidden cock – poster propaganda.

  4. lol oooo feet the end of the world is comeing:p grow up its fucking feet :p

  5. THE recent furore over Prince Harry’s wearing of a Nazi uniform brought hypocrisy, tendentious social commentary, political doublethink, and historical myopia to new levels of absurdity.
    The swastika is an ancient good luck symbol associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, and a multitude of oriental traditions. It is more than 5,000 years old, but its misappropriation by the Nazis obscured its true meaning.
    In Britain, Hindus are campaigning to have its original benign symbolism restored. They hope to rescue it from the murky darkness in which it has languished for over half a century
    •su – means “good”
    •asti – means “to be, to exist”
    •ik – means “what is in existence, and will continue to exist”
    •a – denotes feminine gender
    So “Swastika” means a ‘good existence’ that is not to be destroyed and that remains in a good condition. He went on to say that its deeper meaning is permanent victory. In the context of the cultural origins of the swastika, this means the victory of dharma – the fundamental spiritual nature of humanity.



  7. wow really? dude if you guys did your research Juggalos Hate nazis haha fuckin idiots, you guys are a bad holocaust


  8. Then What are you doing calling yourselves the for then?!

  9. Man yall really are fighting over this shit.

  10. yo, y’all are fukin idiots. that aint no swastika its a couple hatchetmen runnin circles around you hatin sorry asses. even if it was a swastika like fool up top said it was a symbol of peace until the nazi scum defiled it.
    name one instance where us juggalos(mainly icp and twiztid say anything about likin nazis, or supportin them, “I hate all people equally” ~twiztid
    you guys with your are tryin to do to us juggalos what hitler did to the jews: holocaust the juggalos!!!! man fuck that, get real
    Juggalo 4 life!!!!! hatchetman all the way, oh yeah fuck the nazis, does that support your “nazi lovin juggalo theory” punk bitch!?

  11. okay how about this.
    you guys are scared of “something” that is “going” to happen.

    Now see if you actully werent some fat computer freak who has no life we might actully care about your problems.
    but yet you still choose to fight for something that is completely ridiculous and pointless.
    get a life. smoke some weed. get laid. do something productive dammnnn.
    hahahahahahah booya.

  12. j4lyfewhoopwhoop you guys r a bunch bitches u spread fake ass shit about the juggalo nation for wat to get rid of us. wel news flash guys JUGGALOS/JUGGALETTES Will never dissapear we will b here on this earth forever. and that symbol was a peace symbol b4 nazis defiled it. IDIOTS!!!!
    yall makin yourselves look like the nazis dumbassss to all fam whoop whoop

  13. How the fuck are juggalos nazi? im a juggalo and im only part white and im a juggalo all the way and all this website is, is hate and you guys are the nazi because your hating others over music! i hope you all burn in hell! MMFWCL!! WHOOP WHOOP!

  14. fuck of bitch and go fuck your JUGGALOS/JUGGALETTES hating self in the fucking ass you fucking biggot

  15. Demon Juggalo 4 life

    FUCK THE HOLOCAUST Juggalos are not supporting hitler or the nazus and it is just coincidence that that hatchet man feet form a swastika

  16. Demon Juggalo 4 life

    FUCK THE HOLOCAUST Juggalos are not supporting hitler or the nazis and it is just coincidence that that hatchet man feet form a swastika

  17. i got question: Why would juggalos be nazi’s? Esham is jewish. 😛

  18. Necrothajuggla

    Y’all ninja haters just wish you had a family like we have. Get over yourselves.

  19. i really don't give a shit

    haters gonna hate. (-w-)

  20. i really don't give a shit

    And by the way, the only reason why haters are pointing it out is simply because they don’t know about the swastika from the 1900’s, and not before that time. This symbol was used for more things than the main symbol of the Nazi party. In fact, this symbol was used for over 3000 yrs. for example, pottery and coins from Ancient Troy. and was also a symbol for cultures in China, Japan, and India. And for many centuries, the swastika was believed to be a sign of good luck. So with that said, I do believe this speculation is a mere fluke. And therefore, irrelevant to anything that this so-called “Juggalo holocaust” Is trying to do in order to sandbag Juggalos/Juggalettes. It must be quite hard for many to comprehend as to why a bunch of juggalo-hating Imbeciles are making repeated attempts to take down a fan of the music they like. But hey, I guess a juggalo-hating fan club must exist, It’s the rules of famous music production these days.
    But what do I care?

  21. Really??? Anyone who knows anything about juggalos know that we are bigots and racists

  22. Does anyone elses balls roll around in their sack? Or am i just the only one?

  23. LadyJuggalo4Life

    Hmmm seems some dont know what the fuck juggalos are so maybe you should educate yourself with some facts, and this should guide you at least the right way to begin on understanding juggalos… dont just assume look into it… WhOoP wHoOp to the juggalo family, MMFWCL ♥

  24. bitch ass fucking retards look closer its a belt buckle and there feet are touching big woop bitch then there bodies branch out in a different direction

  25. Juggalos are not some fuckin’ nazi scum if you actually listen to their music you would know that

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