MONTANAJUGGALO expresses his views on life

sometimes the best things are comented here by juggalos – heres montanajuggalo getting upset with us exposing hatchet gear and the racist juggalo logo – anyway.

juggalos will kill you all we arent a gang we arent a cult so stop saying things that you dont know we will kill you all with axes and hatchets watch your back we might be comin’ we are a juggalo family

5 responses to “MONTANAJUGGALO expresses his views on life

  1. Skittlez_The_Juggalo

    Okay, for once I actually agree with the Juggalo Holocaust. Call me a traitor, call me whatever, I don’t care. The person that posted that is an idiot. Dude, really? You’re trying to prove that Juggalos aren’t a gang, yet you’re threatening someone’s life? That’s just giving them more reasons to think we’re a gang. Why don’t we agree to disagree? How hard is it to do that? What’s with the human race always hating each other just because someone’s different? Why does something as stupid and non-important as this starting a war between people that all would normally live on the same block. I’m a juggalo, straight up, I’m a full on Methodist christian, my grandparents are pastors of a Methodist church and they even think all this controversy & drama is all complete bullshit.

  2. yooo – wee aintt no muthaa fuck’nn gangg . we aintt no fcknn cultt . and peoplee got madd beef widd uss ? lykkk wtff / we aint doinn nuthh’nn so Hop the FUCK offf . Yuu a intt wanna mess widd uss ; bitchh-asss 🙂

  3. i disagree with jh and montanna juggalo he is what we all call a juggahoe.

  4. Family.Remains.Eternal.Stop.Hatin.

  5. Whoop whoop!

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