Jewish community outraged at treatment by psychopathic records / hatchet gear over swastika belt buckle

The jewish comunity is outraged with the treatment by psychopathic records and hatchet gear – two complaints have already been issued – i hope theres no jewish juggalos or jewgallos out ther wanting a belt buckle.

while nazi juggalos rejoice

Get yours today! SIEG WOOP!!!!!…

check the racist twitter!

Nazi juggalos are rejoicing psychopathic records decision to recognize them as juggalos .


8 responses to “Jewish community outraged at treatment by psychopathic records / hatchet gear over swastika belt buckle

  1. You guys have no right to talk when you run an attack website with the word “Holocaust” on it.


    • The Swaztika was stolen by the Germans crackpipe. And trust, mention the word holocaust to an old Jewish man see if he don’t freak out. “google before you tweet helps you think before you speak” cuz

  2. Why is sinister so close to minister?
    Why does priest ryhme with beast?
    Malevolency and benevolency?
    Why is NASA similar to NAZI?
    And if I turn my chair at an angle it is INDEED, without a doubt a Swazi…

  3. you freakin Tards! They probably didnt Mean that! Only your compulsive obsessive MINDS would look past the freakin lines that you wouldnt see the paper anymore to come up with THAT shit >:P

  4. Lulz, that’s stupid, and i doubt it was intended

  5. Tha infamous n1nj4Lo

    BUMP!!! Wee hehe hoo hoo, just to annoy you JH!! LoL

    Try learning about symbolism and the meaning behind those symbols. Thanks

  6. people should wear swazticas…ya know why? cause it fucking devoids the meaning of it you dumfucks and because it was taken by the germans doesnt mean it dont look cool no more

  7. You stupid ass fucks if you listen to the music icp hates racism… Talks about killing hill billy’s why would a racist sell nazi shit.. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE TALKING SHIT.

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