Would you let your 13-year-old appear in a music video for Insane Clown Posse?

 “Some have seen and others heard/
And they say along the bottom/
Are all the bodies of the girls and boys/
Preserved, remaining, half-rotten”
— “Fonz Pond,” Insane Clown Posse

The family of Adam Hatzopoulos is pleased that local eighth-grader appeared in a new video by the group Insane Clown Posse. Others are dismayed, saying the child’s family shouldn’t have consented to his role in “Fonz Pond,” in which Adam is shown drowning.

On16 called the song and video “garbage” and suggested jail for parents of kids who took part in the video:

“You are supporting a group of morons that support violence and death. These parents that had their kids be apart of this video should be arrested and their children taken away. I know what some may think… it’s just a song and it’s not real… what’s the big deal… children and teens are being shaped by this kind of garbage and we wonder why our society is so messed up.”

d. lee also questioned the parents’ decision:

“wow! neat! a preteen boy in a video about dead kids underwater and headless boys walking around at night! And kudos for whoever drove him all the way to Detroit to audition – going the extra mile to make sure to do the cool thing rather than the age approprate right thing. Sigh. He looks like a cute kid. Just not sold on the appropriateness of this video. It’s R rated, for sure.”

Why would they let their child work with the filth of insane clown posse – a borderline gang and cult which commit vile crimes – steven spader – tila tequlia attack etc .

I do hope Adam Hatzopoulos does not offend juggalos or they take his role in the song as negative as juggalos are known to turn on other artists .

17 responses to “Would you let your 13-year-old appear in a music video for Insane Clown Posse?

  1. Skittlez_The_Juggalo

    Okay, so ya’ll think it’s okay to have kids in an R rated movie (The Omen & oh so many others), but it’s not okay for kids to be in a music video that has YOUR least favorite band in it that YOU chose to suggest it as R-rated. Is it just me? Or is this all becoming kind of ridiculous? Honestly? You are all hypocrites, but that’s also human nature. Although that does NOT excuse this behavior. Why can’t you realize that the idiots that are killing or harassing people for the hell of it are obviously mentally ill or are the types that will become serial killers later on anyway. Honestly, how many other nads/groups/rappers/singers have suggested gang brutality & what not to be okay? Yet the ones that choose to stay underground & keep it to the point that they don’t get locked up for their music are the ONLY ones getting harassed about it?

    you dont get it – there is something wrong with juggalos something sinster its the mix of cult like music with violent messages and weak minds – something like im going to shoot a cop is bad but your religion of the dark carnival is telling you to kill a cop to get into shangrila is much worse , you call yourselves a gang first not us.

  2. “you dont get it – there is something wrong with juggalos something sinster its the mix of cult like music with violent messages and weak minds – something like im going to shoot a cop is bad but your religion of the dark carnival is telling you to kill a cop to get into shangrila is much worse , you call yourselves a gang first not us.”

    What What What!? Is the devil in your ear filling your head with this garbage? Many Artists use violence to reflect society, not project it.
    You are nothing but a fear-monger, who I would even call a terrorist. Supporting a site that wants to “Kill” someone because you don’t understand them, how fucking hypocritical is that?

    And btw, no Juggalo wants to kill to get into Shangri-li… if that thought ever went in their mind they are deeply disturbed and need help… like yourself.

    Like in every group you will find your jackasses, but every Juggalo I met it is nothing but a modern day hippie who likes getting high and spreads peace and love with their homies. Sure some vent with violence, but dont we all? Words are words… what happened to freedom of speech? Why is it so wrong to make art out of REAL ISSUES!? or make humor that helps people deal with everyday bullshit. And while your at it, might as well condemn Ozzy and the rest of the death metal, fuck go after rob zombie and all his horror movies… KILL THEM TOO!!!!

    I can’t speak for Juggalos cause I am just one person… But I honestly feel sad for people like you who have to go through life hating others just to find a place in the world. My heart breaks for you, and I can only hope that one day you’ll find the inner peace you are so desperately searching for. Kinda like how Juggalos found that with each other…

    I doubt anything I said really could effect you though, after all your calling ICP Nazi lovers and insensitive to Jews on a site called “Juggalo Holocaust” (who has the week mind again?)

    There is nothing to fear, this world can be a beautiful place if we keep it real and not let hypocrisy and hate rule our emotions. God Bless!


  3. wow u guys r fuckin losers yall act like all juggalos are fuked in the head or retarted or are addicted to drugs well fuk u u kno cause not all juggalos do tht i do yes but thts cause i like to. Dont try to judge a person by the music they listen to or tht they wear facepaint u guys r jus a bunch of bitches who will never do shit this is a juggalo nation and tht will never EVER change u pathetic lilttle fuks

  4. how is it bad are they rapping the kids ?no then how do the parents deserve jail wtf get outta here with that ”’shit

  5. kids watch and listen 2 worse shit then that bitches

  6. You mother fuckers make me laugh you talk way to much shit for your own you should shut the fuck up before you look worse then tila tequila

  7. i am a proud juggalette and a seventeen year old girl. i have raised a kid on my own already he isnt my son but my younger brother his parents were sent to prison. i would let him be in a video and i would myself. this music that you are so eager to trash is something truly amazing. each and every song has a stronger meaning in the lyrics and they speak out against stuff that other singers and rappers wont address directly. and this wicked pip dude is right not all juggalos are on drugs or doing stupid shit like yall claim. i cant speak for everyone cuz im just me but im clean i dont do drugs im in the top ten percent of my senior class ive been accepted to an amazing college and plan to get a law degree with a literary minor. but im also a juggalette and my juggalo family is what has kept me strong through all the issues in my life. i have a juggalo vinyl on my car my favorite song is by twiztid my senior quote came from an icp song. im a good kid with good morals and values most of which came through listening to this music. so yeah you calling yourself the juggalo holocaust is pretty hypocritcal if your gonna say shit bout juggalos murdering and being drug addicts. you have no place to judge us. only God can judge me and only God can judge each and every other juggalo and only God can judge yall. its not my place to judge yall but it is sad that you would take such hostility against an entire group of people that you havent even tried to understand. im sorry. and we are a family not a gang. its about love for each other and acceptance not aggression and hate. much clown love to you all

  8. i got $10 a mormon wrote this, “and we wonder why our society is so messed up” its because of dirty fucks like this

  9. My parents would not care because they know I’m a Juggalo. Lots of people are just being morons

  10. Tammy Mclaughlin

    Omg really, how are you ppl going to whine about this now, you’d whine if you were hung w a 24 kt gold rope. Besides have you listened to their lyrics they kill the people that are on death row, murdered, child molesters, women abusers, n racist drug dealers. Imma kill u listen to some of it you’ll see. Some of the lyrics go hey molester where ya headed in your back my knifes embedded. Racist basterd you dirty dealer

  11. John juggalo Collins

    Listen here u sorry somebitch juggalos r not a fucking gang. Get that fucking streat. Church’s r cults god is a myth. We hate when US juggalo’s and letts r called a gang or a cult. We r normal people. We r a family. So fuck off u cock nocker.

  12. juggalette4life

    if that kid wanted to be in insane clown posse video fonz pond itz all cool. u need to stop it. just know the more you hate on us the more you motivate us to do more. if i had an opportunity to be in a amazing vid like that i would do it yall are just uppity richy rich bitches who got nothing better to do besides rag on people. yo FUCK YOU!
    juggalo love

  13. boogyman tha sickfuck

    HELL YA ID LET MY KIDS BE IN AN ICP VIDEO!!!!! Yes I am a juggalo. But even if I wasnt, I’d rather my kids be in an ICP music video than a Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber video. But ICP is not nearly as bad as people make them out to be, theyre acctually a couple of really chill dudes doing what they love and getting paid.

  14. It’s an acting gig. Because of that music video, that kid has a start on a resume for more complex acting roles. Honestly, this is no worse than a child playing a role in a horror movie, Law And Order: Special Victims Unit (which deals primarily with rape or incest victims), or in other violent media. In all honesty, I think that role is more appropriate and artistic than one of a child who was molested in a highly acclaimed crime drama.

  15. Would u guys rather kids not express themselves with music, as like me a juggalo I honestly am influenced by icp but I’m smart e ough to realize I can’t do the things that they promote in these songs. I express my feelings through music when I feel mad or crazy I listen to icp bc if I don’t I would be in juvy. So next time someone is against a band/ posse think again “hey do I really want to see more kids getting killed by this one kid that is mad and doesn’t know how to express himself or would u rather these kids be listening to the posse/band icp. Honestly I wouldn’t want to be in the same school that got shot up in 2011 and someone does it again. Just think about that.

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