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Juggalos admit truth on being A Gang

More Proof exposing the Juggalo Gang

Juggalos burn down field then post videos on youtube

Really Juggalos i hope this video comes to bite you on the ass for destroying a field .

How To be A real Juggalo

Make a video with a axe trying to act tough making cutting motions
while your Crayola fan is in the background making you look like a big baby

Juggalos Stealing from Poor Sick Children – Holiday Heat

A while ago the Insane Clown Posse ran a toy drive where for every toy donated the juggalo who donated said toy would receive the album Holiday heat for free. While this toy drive might of been a commendable act and good PR for the insane clown posse , The vast majority of juggalos have not donated a toy and pirated the album , and those that have ended up selling the album on ebay for a quick buck – Stealing Toys from sick children and robbing from charity.

While this juggalo toy drive was supposed to show that juggalos are not all bad and are good people who give to charity ,Most likely created to try and repair their image of a violent gang who attack females like Tila Tequila, Sugar Slams toy drive has failed and now she will be weeping after the vast majority of juggalos pirated the album – holiday heat and donated nothing , ruining many sick and poor childrens Christmases – Whoop whoop has now been replaced by Bah Humbug.

I think its time to change the lyrics to Santas a Fat Bitch from

Santa Claus is a fat bitch
Another year and I aint get shit


Juggalos are a big fat bitch – Another Year and sick children aint getting shit.


Typical Juggalo Gang Threat

heres one of the hundred of messages we get each week from juggalo gang members .

Ok you fuckin haters! Alot of my friends are juggalo’s and stuff they’ve NVR killed anyone and if you think ICP is a gang then you are starting oner also. (First step claim not to be a gang or violent – Check)But go ahead try some shit in my area (step 2 call people to your area – CHECK)I bet if you come walkin up 2 my family of jugglo’s we’ll fuck you bitches up.(Make Claim that if we visit said area we will be attacked – CHECK)We’re goin to find you’re mutherfuckin hide out and eliminate you before you even get close to us. (Plan for juggalo Gang to Find and Attack US – Check)

This Juggalo Gang Wants a Turf War

Proud Members of the Juggalo Cult

A Juggalo Admits to being a proud member of the juggalo Cult/

Whoop Whoop MMFWCL

Why Juggalos should be banned from public Places

Disgusting and lewd act performed by a juggalo then uploaded on youtube for others to laugh at.

Too Young to Be a Juggalo

another childs life ruined by brainwashed parents or siblings making him dance along with violent and vile music and wear a hatchet man. Shame on you.

Check Out Land of the Banneds JH Facebook

Meet up with all the jh members on the official Land of the banned Facebook

or just comment nonsense and get owned

family guy watches insane clown posse

what happens when you watch icp as shown by peter griffin