Dont Be A Juggalo – Maxim – alternatives to juggalos

Maxim magazine has joined the JH and posts alternatives to being a juggalo they include hardliners , crust punks ,lolitas , otherkins and pokemones. Once again juggalos are a joke by the media and a threat when they group up , juggalos are one group that will be laughed at and banned out of existance in the next few years.

11 responses to “Dont Be A Juggalo – Maxim – alternatives to juggalos

  1. I would very much like to invite any JH member to a one on one battle of your choice you can choose “Brains or Brawn”. send me a repLy on myspace. It might be a while before i can respond because unlike you guys, obviously, i have what some call a real life, so i’m not constantly on the internet. But i would love to beat your guys’ faces in or just mind fuck the shit outta you. so please get @ me. i live in Clarksburg, W.V so if there are any members that wanna get stomped let me know. p.s Go Fuck Yourselves WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!!

  2. i aree with Liah Natas WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. get this shit off here it aint right everybody has a right to be in what they want to be in bitch whoop whoop mmfcl

  4. oh yeah whoop whoop mutha fuckas you old farts stop posting this shit retards

  5. ur funny viper XD whoop whoop

  6. Quit hating on us los and lettes there will never be a holocaust on us so just stop. WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL

  7. @Liah Natas,
    1- If you’re going to insult someones “brains”… Try to use proper grammar and spelling.
    2- You have a “real life” but you had time to look this shit up? THAT MAKES SENSE!!! O.o
    3- You basically said that these guys are e-thugs or whatever you want to call it… You’re on here saying you can kick their asses? Hypocritical, don’t you think?

    I’m not a “JH” member. I’m a Juggalette. But if you’re going to try to stir shit up… Do it right so you don’t make yourself look like a bigger dumbass. I know I’m kind of being a hypocrite by being on here, too, but I’m in school((Crazy, right!!)) and I’m bored. For the record, I have a 4.0 GPA. Not exactly stupid. “Juggalo Holocaust” members can do whatever. As can “family”. So why are you going to waste time saying pointless shit over the internet, make yourself look dumb, and proving whatever it is that these guys think. You coming on here doesn’t do a thing. So go else where and live your “real life”.
    MCL and all that good stuff.

  8. Signal aka J-Hem

    We aint goin’ anywhere

  9. wow people really need to keep there smelly ass nose where it belongs. If we wanna be juggalos were going to be juggalos regardless of what any of you people think. (ps i dont give a fuck if spelt things get over it)

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