Juggalo Band Twiztid – monoxide child Attacks Female Fan at concert

Original video taken down as juggalette was harrased by juggalos. Reuploaded many times now – Fair use policy.

We can see now where juggalos get their violence from – heres monoxide child attacking a innocent fan at a concert . The Female fan had her phone damaged and her arm badly hurt by the violent action of Twiztid member monoxide child.

As one juggalo says Monoxcide child did NOT have a right to kick someone’s personal PROPERTY out of their hand and INJURE a BODY PART. She had a right to film, seeing as the venue allowed it. Most venues determine whether or not people are allowed to film or take pics at request of the PERFORMERS BEFOREHAND. If they didn’t want it to be filmed so badly, they would have mentioned that to the venue management.

What surprise? It’s always the same damn thing.

Paul Methric you should be ashamed and to the poor fan attacked at the concert i hope you also learned that the juggalo family is not real.

25 responses to “Juggalo Band Twiztid – monoxide child Attacks Female Fan at concert

  1. Thanks for using my comment from the vid.

    I’m not a juggalo, just a fan of some songs from some Psy acts.

  2. dude is not his falt that his child attack a fan DUD!!! retared ppl!!!

  3. ok this is a lie about what happend here the video was made an my hand was injured but i wasnt badly injured an the fact that you all are sayen that i was badly hurt an that my phone was wrecked is a total lie that was never said an for another point you should have asked before taken our video an usen it for this bullshit its rude and very denerveing to see that you all are taken what i said an turning it completely around. this needs to be removed from here its my video you didnt ask for right to use it an i am not given that permission

    • See people need to know the fucking page is all bullshit. I doubt any of them would ever attack anyone.

  4. 1 out of 1 millon juggalos

    wtf juggalo hoalcaust juggalos are crazy as fuck but we have love for one another and all the haters can go suck shaggy 2 dopes dick!

  5. ha! the video got deleted! thanks to me sending the person a message!


  6. Well on horrorcore forums there is a forum with a GIF that has the whole kicking part so HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Typical “battered spouse/child” syndrome……oh I got kicked in the face by my favorite rapper but it’s ok, I deserved it…..I’ll be good from now on, I promise…..I’ll even hide the video and make it private, ya know……keep it indoors!…..I promise I won’t sue!” LMAO That’s all the Juggalos sound like!

  7. hell, get over yourself, bitch. Shaggy 2 Dope kicked a half full bottle of Faygo in my face and I am a bitch too but I took it like a juggalette!!! Fuck you pussy bitch. Maybe next time he kicks your juggahoe brains out!!! Don’t disrespect the fam, poser.


    you kidding me? shiiiiiiiiit they said sorry, alls good, shes just a bitch and cant take it. “he hurt my finger” *cry cry cry*.fuckin mainstream rappers wouldnt take time out of their show to personally apologise infront of everybody if they did that, no doubt, cause THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK about their fans. Gotta be down with the family man, this bitch obviously isn’t..poser.


  9. Monoxide is the shit hes my fav rapper if the bitch cant take a lil kick in the finger well hell shes a puss n a poser i grew up w boys nothn but fighting all the time the bitch needs to get over herself n suk it the fuk up


  10. Ahhhh….juggalette = battered bitches lmao

    weak ass bitches, just lettin some dude beat all on you and shit.

    No wonder no one respects y’all!

    • Oh go fuck yourself bitch we don’t let people beat on us. And yes people do respect us. Get a life.

  11. Monoxide Child Kicks F***ing A$$! That’s for sure. If he kicked me I’d take as a compliment! Never was that spot again!!!

  12. Monoxide child is the bomb. Reason to beat somebody up can be anything. No one really knows what the female fan did bit she must had said or done something that triggered such an action. Oh well.

  13. Kishtar Farrar

    LOL Bitch got clowned. So you hurt your finger. Suck it the fuck up. Tittie twisters hurt way worse. Lolololol. Clooowwwneeeedddddd. Poser. I can’t believe someone would complain.

  14. Your full of shit,hater. I don’t judge anyone without hearing both sides of the story.

  15. leave monxide alone, they probably get tired of having all the flashing from the cameras and phones in their damn face. Plus like someone else put in a previous post, she got kicked in the finger…big deal. I bet he didn’t intend to injure her, if she was in fact injured, sounds like she was more concerned about her damn camera anyway.

  16. First off fuck u and ur bullshit the juggalos are fam and ur just a cum dumpster who is butt hurt cuz icp is still world wide so go shove a chicken head up ur ass oh srry ur dads Dick is up there

  17. first of all FUCK the bitch that posted that vid on THIS website…bunch of bitch ass people who wish they were part of my fam…one of either 2 reasons is why mono did that…1..u were a bitch that deserved it..or 2 it wasnt on purpose..but who knows…dont act like a little stuck up crybaby bitch bout it..it was fucking MONOXIDE embrace that shit like as u called us real fam sure would
    ..also like to add in fuck this website and everyone with it…TWIZTID FAM 4 LIFE MUTHAFACKOOS

  18. Ok…..I really didn’t see where he beat the shit out of her…..if it was just a finger then wth….u shouldnt cry bout it…..I’ve gotten into fight plenty of times and I’ve won every single one…..I love monoxide he’s the best at wat he does shit….I would post everywhere on twitter Facebook hell I would even take a pic and post it on instagram bout getting kicked by my favorite rapper….I dnt see the big deal bout this vid at all

  19. And wait I thought the summary said that her arm was badly hurt but the vid said it was her finger…..wth I’m confused here

  20. Dude its the way their shows go. True juggalos/lettes don’t give a fuck if he kicked that shit hahahaha get over it.

  21. mommy my fingor hurts

    Hahaha get the fuck outta here

  22. get over yourself princess

  23. youre fucking stupid, Paul never attacked anyone and the truth about Juggalo’s is they are caring good hearted people unlike you who is only an ignorant bastard.

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