Juggalo holocaust member boy blue thanks the juggalo holocaust

thanks to our employee the boyblue for his juggalo holocaust brainwashing vids.

10 responses to “Juggalo holocaust member boy blue thanks the juggalo holocaust

  1. fuck you annd your lil cult, you guys think your so big and bad cause u go out and hunt us like some kind of hounddogs that dont feel bad about beating the crap out of us like a peice of dog shit, if u think about it you r a gang urselves, u dont pity yourself cause u have so much hate for us that u dont understand u hate your selves aswell, so if u wanna sit their and piss in ur boots cause i say much clown love, go ahead and get pissed, just know this, we may b different, but the ones u speak of are not true family, they r the real gangs that give us juggalos a bad name, so dont go after every juggalo u see unless they deserve ti, and even if u do, dont go after them cause ur only hurting urselves let alone another HUMAN being

  2. man, you guys are sad. You’re not real, and I say that literally, not like the retarded phrase you yell outside your homes when you see some ninja walkin down the street. Your all a bunch of salty ex-juggalo’s who became disenchanted with the subculture and your own lives so you looked to reject who you were, juggalo or not, and begin talkin shit to say that your doingthe world a favor by getting rid of a entire culture ,oh yeah, Hitler thought that too, and yeah, bout the term holocaust…it directly refers to the Jewish genocide in WWII. Don’t you see that your “holocaust” is hilariously ignorant and entertainingly futile. You contradict yourselves at every outcry that you people fabricate or stretch painfully out of proportion.
    We understand, your lives are meaningless, its ok. We support however you choose to live your life, you see, not all of us Juggalo’s are hypocritically bigoted, some of us get you guys clear as glass.

    Some Juggalo’s are assholes, some claim a gang, some (maybe?) claim a cult, but you people, you claim everything you hate and attribute to Juggalos and are unashamed of your own ignorance. Go back to school, get a job, buy a blunt, join a gang, drink the wine and be free, anything would be more productive than trying to convince a bunch of people that your the representatives of the “new holocaust” while trying to demonize us as representatives of the original atrocity. You failed, and got a D for effort, you would’ve failed there but hey, your stories scared one dude I know, but he’s one of those juggalo’s you’d probably hate anyway (I’m not fond of the dude); I digress, I’ve never seen anyone representing a “juggalo holocaust” in my life, nor will I, as the charade will never leave a foot past your computer chairs, now will they…?

    Much Clown Love, even to those who lost it and became consumed by hate,

    P.S. I’ll pray for ya’ll, you need understanding or to move on and stop crying and lying.

  3. mmfwcl to all my juggalo and juggalette fam the names sparky ive been down since 1993 with the juggalos im a true wicked clown if you pussy ass JH bitches wanna get at me the real name is roland edward cannon jr. 828 cherokee ave nashville tn 37207 if yall think ya so fuckin tough and want to even try to get at me in any way try we will beat ya asses down b4 u get anywhere near my area the above is my actual address and name u could try and try to take over but guess what YOU WONT. when we say juggalos will never die we mean as a culture and a society underground as long as violent jay and shaggy 2 dope have albums out there there will be juggalos but as i said i would love to see u try to get near me just fucking try and its WHOOP WHOOP not woop woop BIATCHES

    p.s. all time much mutha fuckin wicked clown love to all juggalos and juggalettes

  4. fuck all u hatin ass pussy bitchs ul are to fuckin scared to say this shit to any real juggalos face cuz u know wed beat ur ass in fornt of ur faggot ass hater friends, fans, family. may the whole juggalo family rain its murderous wrath upon ur hatin ass bitchs. DEATH TO ALLL HATERS BITCHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss
    bourght to u by juggalo jake jeckel lucfiers pride and go to heaven hell dont want pussy ass bitchs like u

  5. Looky at what this cats doin! Premoting a video thanking people who HATE other people and their shit?! And they thought that ICP was bad look at what YOU’RE supporting! Freakin Haters >.<

  6. well fuck it. fuck everything..FUCK HATERS and them bitches they just mad cuz they can’t b us. And apparently they don’t got anything better to do then just come up with all this lame insults and threats that don’t do shit really cuz I don’t give no fuck. I gots my fam and that’s all I need. Whoop Whoop! MMFWACL to all fam ❤

  7. Ay mates, JH is going down 2012 gathering, we’re gonna bury the hatchet once and for all. When killing Juggalo’s, there’s never enough. Juggalette’s are straight ho’s that deserve to get the hatchet, then the action after when they’re getting tight from rigamortis.

    Fucking juggalo faggots, die motherfuckers from aids.

  8. @Juggalo4life you faggots need to wear makeup so you can feel pretty. I’ll smash your fucking face with a hammer, werd.

  9. You know, im a juggalo, so I wanna ask you… You fine with the holocaust? Thats what you’re telling me. Modeling yourself after Hitler. Not all Juggalos are like this. You don’t even have to like ICP to be down. Juggalos are just a group of people who stick together like family. I feel bad for you if you don’t have anyone you think of as family, but then again, why should I care? Don’t respect me, I won’t respext you. The bible says, you shouldn’t judge. Just saying…..

    And if you don’t like it? Don’t google this shit, or whatever the fuck you’re doing. Just fucking ignore it. That simple. Don’t like it? Don’t listen to it.
    Not all Juggalettes are whores. I’m one, and I haven’t kissed a boy. How am I a whore? I’m not a “virgin” because I was raped when I was a child. Still wanna call me a whore? I don’t have any diseases.
    Just putting that out there.

    Cut it out with your bullshit, and stop dissing Juggalos. Believe it or not, they are people too. They bleed, same as you. They die, same as you. Also,I don’t wear the face-paint.

  10. Yall hate juggalos more than we hate you. Sound lime your the ones with the issues. Ita music. Its kids doing what they want. Grow up move on worry about your own life.

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