Please don’t shut down the gathering of the juggalos

Heres a juggalo pleading reasons why the gathering of the juggalos – gotj where tila tequila and method man got attacked , juggalos died and a police officer was stabbed.

fuck all the people tryin to shut this shit down. family is family. if someone got stabbed then thats their own damn problem. anybody i’ve ever come across thats got love for the lo’s and lette’s of the world has been WAY nicer to me than any of the conservative, religious, judgemental, hypocritical ass wipes that are on here tryin to shut it down.

so if you get stabbed at a icp concert its your fault – juggalo hypocrisy.

4 responses to “Please don’t shut down the gathering of the juggalos

  1. people got stabbed at woodstock to you gonna shut that shit down

  2. To the interviewed idiot Juggalo………….

    Conservative – So you’re saying all the Juggalos are liberals or Democrats? (one more huge reason to hate them!) LOL

    Religious – You stupid ass juggalos are religious too, with your hidden Christian agenda, Dark Carnival, “Shangri-La (HEAVEN)” bullshit!

    Judgemental – From what I’ve seen, Juggalos are the most judgemental and shallow people, basing your “downness” on facepaint, Psy Merch, and trashiness level. LOL

    hypocritical ass wipes – AKA like your abusive daddies from Twiztid??? They say they love “the fam” (you) but beat you when they can b/c they feel like it and you don’t say shit about it/make excuses for why their abuse is OK? LMAO!!!!

  3. Best reason not to shut down the gathering of the juggalo’s is because all the juggalo’s will be gathered into one place so we can get this juggalo holocaust over with and bury the hatchet. Annabelle Lotus your death won’t go forgotten, we’ll exact are revenge on all juggalo’s.

    • Eye for an eye. Believe it or not, they have family too. Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, siblings, and children. Someone will get after you too.

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