Get stabbed by a juggalo ????

so if your a juggalo and get stabbed by a juggalo this juggalo has some lovely words for you (this was said about the juggalo who got stabbed at this years gathering)

somebody stabbed u because ur a hating dick sucker fuckoff hater a juggalo is way more than a fan there a member of the worlds largest (and still growing) family the world has ever known we run this bitch go suck ur mommys nipple u faggot oh and btw whoop whoop mmfwcl homies
\m/(-_-)\m/ were ma lettes at hit up the fb gene bluntzthewickedclown fryoux piece im out whoop whoop

5 responses to “Get stabbed by a juggalo ????

  1. I’d tell that Ninja that he stabbed the wrong Ninja ’cause I didn’t die…should have stabbed whoever wrote this libel…he would have died. But on a serious note…there isn’t a single Ninja I know who would do that…even to these JH geeks…maybe a fair one-on-one one-sided savage beating to which the Juggalo is on the winning side. But other than that you’re only foolin’ yourself.

  2. No, you’re an idio…I stab you daily…get it right dumbass!!!

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