UNJF JUGGALO RACIST Idaho White Supremacist Builds KKK Snowman

juggalo racist

A self-described juggalo white supremacist built a 10-foot snowman in the front yard of his Hayden, Idaho, home. Then he gave it a peaked hood, big black eyes and a stick for arm, with a noose dangling from its bony appendage. Then the cops came.

Mark Eliseuson said he saw nothing wrong with his creation. But his neighbors saw an appalling, racist Ku Klux Klansman and called authorities.

“There’s nothing hateful about it that I can see,” he told KXLY TV. Asked why his neighbors complained, Eliseuson replied, “Hell if I know. They wanna cause trouble.”

Later, Eliseuson and a friend amputated the arm, knocked off the snowman’s head and have him a rounded one. He was not charged.

“It’s such a message of hate,” neighbor Amber Caldwell said, according to The Associated Press. “My kids asked me about it and I had to explain what that symbol means.”

Sheriff’s Lt. Stu Miller said Eliseuson often flies Aryan flags and describes himself as a white supremacist, The Spokesman-Review newspaper reported.

The city of Hayden, in northern Idaho, is not far from the former headquarters of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations group. Neighbors have been enraged before by Eliseuson, according to AP and KXLY reports. On Halloween, he passed out bullet casings after he said he ran out of candy.

Juggalos are nazis. they probably didn’t eplain it to you. WOOP = White’s Only Own Property. it was a nazi-based movement that tried to bring back land ownership for a select group of humans only. The clown faces of ICP is actually related to nazi’s as well. the paint base is white, no explanation necessary; but there is black around the eyes and mouth, ie, the parts of the face that must do the work. ICP = 3 letters, just like 3 K’s. ICP is very racist and you are ignorant.

9 responses to “UNJF JUGGALO RACIST Idaho White Supremacist Builds KKK Snowman

  1. LMFAO!!!! and Ronald Reagan is the devil right!?!? 6 letters in 3 names, hahaha, ya’ll have reached a new level of grand stupidity and stumbled upon the short bus of useless propaganda. Your holocaust must be the biggest joke ever, GET A LIFE! I’m a juggalo sophomore in college (PUC), come to school with me, I’ll tutor your retardation.

  2. Skittlez_The_Juggalo

    For one, ICP may have 3 letters, but it doesn’t stand for anything racist, it stands for Insane Clown Posse. Another statement I’d like to make is the fact that you spelled WHOOP wrong, you spelled it as WOOP, so try again to make a white supremacy statement out of that. Another statement I’d like to make is the fact that their face paint isn’t always white with black and that it has been many colors, but the best color you can find for a full face is white unless you mix different colors. And last, but not least, not all juggalos are white. Many of them are native americans, african americans, asian americans, indian americans, and so on. So how are juggalos racist when we have so many others that are NOT white? Well? Can you answer that?

  3. Wow you guys are really posting these blogs ragging on Juggalos because you can’t tolerate us. If anyone is the bad guy its those going around killing innocent children because their parents are Juggalos and Juggalettes. Pull the stick out of your asses and get over it. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  4. Oh and one more thing. Fuck the fuck off you hating bastards. I’m a Juggalo and the sad thing is even when you’re killing us we’re still bringing in more members to join the family. So WHOOP WHOOP. Juggalos Unite to fight the bullshit holocaust.

  5. you base your oppinions about Juggalos being nazis on pure coincidence. What about the fact that you are committing “acts of genocide,” just like the nazis. Or the false propaganda? If this guy decides that he hates blacks just for being black, then he isnt a juggalo.you are right about one thing though, juggalos are a gang! but so are the members of the JH, the police force, the government, people who share a religious faith… do you see where im going with this, or is your head shoved to far up your whining ass? By defination a gang is a group, or groups, of people with similer intrests who gather together. So all you JH members and your pedophyle fathers are gang members

  6. wow i hope u people stop wat ur doing. ur giving off the wrong signel. just cus u fat ass chicken fucks i was unfairly treated at my god damn school cus they think im sick just because im a juggalo. and a few days back u said the juggalos are dangres people. well a person took that to hart and he shot my friend 2 times in the chest hes not dead but he was paralized so shut the fuck up u fucken dumm ass dick sucking ass eating freaks, and dont say we are a threat because u are the only threat that is scaring people of us with ur lies im 12 and i knew wat evil is

  7. Fuck this shit if this kid was a racist he is not a juggalo! Juggalos hate biggots so fuck off i am from burley idaho an there is no racist juggalo bitch!

  8. Your a retard like shit there are black people in icp’s record groups like Dayton family and roc so before you go on talking shit about things you don’t even know about grow a set of nuts and worrie about something important like child moslters and all that stuff so screw you

  9. wow, ok, i see a bunch of shit wrong with this one. first off, no juggalo can be racist, thats a fuckin paradox, we accept people of all races, colors, sizes, beliefs and sexual orientation. there are gay, bi, straight, les, and pansexual juggalos and juggalettes, we dont judge. and you spelled whoop wrong, spell it with me now: W-H-O-O-P. and we are not a gang, there is no such thing as the UNJF. ive been a juggalo since i was 9, and i can honestly say that i have never encountered a racist juggalo MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP!

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